Sunday, December 31, 2006

Huge news: Pocono Record editor resigns

Kim de Bourbon, editor of the Pocono Record, quit. Or was fired. Hard to tell. She will be joining Allison Walzer and Casey Jones in a new Audiotex venture based in Nanticoke.

  • EARLIER: de Bourbon Writes about naming the wrong guy in a fatal car crash and about shaking up the comics page -- all in one column!
  • Friday, December 29, 2006

    Dave Falchek chats with Times-Tribune readers about wine

    This is obviously a week out of date, but still fun reading - at least the part about hookers at the end.

    The Times-Tribune makes Jim Romenesko's

    Kudos to reporter Matt Kemeny, whose story about a Scranton couple who made their toddler smoke and drink for the camera is making the rounds nationally.

    Friday, December 22, 2006

    The poor, pathetic TL

    Now, the paper was never above promoting its business interests in the McHugh/Walzer days. But would the paper have ever published toilet paper like this as news? Sad.

    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    The defection revealed: Dave Janoski goes to the Voice

    The Citizens' Voice, not the Village Voice. How the mighty have fallen. Janoski spent years trashing Fred Ney and the CV for its shitty journalism and for Ney's coziness with the county. And now he had become what he has beheld. Anyone who has suffered through the TL's we're-holier-than-thou is laughing their ass off.

    Monday, December 18, 2006

    Soprano gets a promotion

    Joe Sporano will work solely as the TL's online editor (third item in corporate ladder). Kudos.

    TL sues for names of donors to Hazleton legal fund

    Kudos to the TL for pressing the city of Hazleton with an FOI lawsuit. A shame that the CV won't join them on this and other matters.

  • TL managing editor Dave Iseman gives his two cents on the matter
  • Letter writer: Tom Venesky is doing a real nice job

    Joseph D. Miceli of Wilkes-Barre wants people to know that Venesky, the TL outdoor writer who came from across the street at the CV, is a good man.

    Sunday, December 10, 2006

    Scranton Times: We've abandoned our City Hall press room

    Meow! In an unusual and lengthy "note to readers," Scranton Times-Tribune editors write that the mayor lets all Scranton reporters use the City Hall press room gratis -- not that the Times-Tribune needs it.

    Monday, December 04, 2006

    Former TL reporter Marques Harper places third in bodybuilding contest

    This is passed on without any editorial comment.

    Advertorial for TL job fair this week

    "There will be giveaways, prizes for qualified applicants, live radio remote broadcasts and employers eager to meet job candidates," Jerry Lynott reports on the TL's Sunday business page in lieu of real news.

    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Breaking: Tornado hits Mountaintop, TL sleeps

    The TL reaffirms its place at the kiddie table by ignoring the alleged tornado that blew in all the windows at the Mr. Z's, blew off the roof at the Crestwood High School gym, and closed Route 309. As of 11 p.m., The CV has an OK story and one (1) photo. The TL didn't have dick. The Times-Tribune had some shitty brief slugged "County EMA not expecting flooding."

    WNEP did the best on the broadcast Web sites, with a (small) slide show of viewer-submitted photos, some video from Mr. Z's and an OK story. WBRE (come on, Agent Andy!) had nothing. WYOU had nothing. Come on, fellows! THE WEATHER CHANNEL is leading with "tornado in Luzerne, Pa." and NEPAites across the land are going to your Web sites. Right now. Fuckin' amateurs.

    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Scranton paper makes

    Regret The Error, which tracks newspaper corrections and makes fun of especially stupid ones, took a shining to the Scranton Times-Tribune "we hate French Canadians" correction.

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Chris Kelly offers hugs to holiday shoppers

    Regardless of what you think of Chris Kelly's work, watch the video of Kelly harassing Christmas shoppers in Dickson City Friday morning. It may not be journalism but it is funny, funny shit. Well done, Eric Toffey and Chris Kelly. Well done.

    >> Read Kelly's column describing his hug-a-thon

    Stacy Brown to chat online with Scranton Times-Tribune readers at noon

    Stacy Brown, the paper's city hall reporter, will take questions at noon. Log on to see if the wingnuts are able to sneak their questions in about Brown's role in the ICN conspiracy, etc.

    Letter writer: I miss Casey Jones, I wish the TL still had balls

    At least this letter wasn't written by Iseman's mom and dad.

    TL publisher Connor hearts Al Boscov, buys carts full of DVD players

    Connor's strangest column yet, a mix of sweet nothings for his biggest advertiser, Al Boscov, and of ham-handed bragging about all the random shit -- "I bought a clock radio that illuminates the time on a wall and will also play an iPod... Actually, I bought two of those... Someone in the family needs them, I imagined" -- he bought for no particular reason.

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Josh McAuliffe voted best reporter in NEPA

    Voted by the "readers" of Electric City," that is.

    PA paper to get lawyer's fees in FOI case with school board

    Though not a NEPA story, it is an interesting case of how a Pa. school board spent almost as much in legal fees ($8,000+) to keep secret a settlement with students for $12,000 over a dress-code dispute.

    Local radio goes balls to the wall with Christmas music

    Motivation to get XM.

    CV letter writer: TL should reveal names of owners

    The author has a point.

    Iseman under the knife

    Iseman had neck surgery, which explains why he's been out of the newspaper, he writes in his column.

    TL: Look how caring we are!

    The TL published a lengthy article Thanksgiving detailing just how charitable it is when it comes to publishing stories about hard-luck characters. It quotes Joe Butkiewicz with his title of managing editor of the Times Leader Community Newspapers.

    The TL is thankful for a two-newspaper town

    That news comes out in the paper's Thanksgiving staff editorial.

    Former CV city editor Keatley dies

    Donald Keatley worked at the TL as sports editor, and retired from the Voice in 1993.

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    Farmer, McKenna, Matthews win big

    Jason Farmer and Pat McKenna (Inland) and Jessica Matthews (PNA) brought home the trophies. Kudos.

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Chat with Borys

    Borys Krawczeniuk of the Times-Tribune goes online this afternoon to talk politics. Be sure to read it later even if you miss the live chat.

    WTF? County PR lady gets photo in Scranton Times-Tribune

    Jenine Ikeler's photo credit -- for a picture of her boss looking at an old newspaper -- was strange.

    TL fighting to learn donors to Hazleton anti-immigrant legal defense fund

    Steve Mocarsky writes that the city attorney in Hazleton who just learned to shave has denied the TL's request because naming the people paying the city's legal bills will get their asses kicked.

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    WBRE's Lyndall Stout ties the knot


    CV to appeal $3.5m libel verdict against paper, Ed Lewis

    This won't be the last you read of the verdict that Thomas Joseph won against the Voice for allegedly sloppy journalism.

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Scranton Times cleared by FEC of running illegal ad

    The "Better Together" billboard was stupid but not illegal.

    Carney complains about Connor's pro-Sherwood lines in Sherwood ad

    Try to make sense of the story if you can. In any case, Connor is fine with the TL appearing in the Sherwood ad.

    Connor: Here's why we endorsed Sherwood and Santorum

    It's pointless to try and recap the column. Read it yourself and cry for Iseman.

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    What exactly happened to Casey Jones?

    And how the hell did the TL endorse Don Sherwood in Friday's paper?

    The TL's lead columnist was disappeared just like Steve Corbett was. Not a word, not a sound. Here's a timeline of events:

  • Oct. 19: Casey goes after Sherwood in his column.

  • Oct. 22: Casey writes about regionalization. Yawn. This would turn out to be Casey's last column.

  • Oct. 27: Casey writes a puff piece story about a new pizza place downtown. It looked like his first -- and last -- story as a reporter, presumably after losing his column.

  • Oct. 27: TL runs a story that seems to repudiate the anti-Sherwood column by complaining about its role in a Carney ad

  • Oct. 28: TL runs a second story repudiating Casey's column as not the newspaper's official line

  • Oct. 29: Tom Mooney appears in the Sunday columnist's slot with a piece titled "Put on wax teeth, and let fantasies begin"

  • Nov. 1: A note concerning Casey's departure is at the end of Renita Fennick's column but not published on the Web site

  • Nov. 3: In a stunner, the TL endorses Sherwood

  • The link to Casey's page has been removed from the TL's roster of columnists.

    Dave Janoski, Pat McKenna, Jim Githens and some dude from Bloomsburg on WVIA-TV

    The four were on Thursday night to talk about politics. Did anyone see it?

    TL runs two Sunday Page One advertorials about its Web operation

    My God. Does Connor understand that he is consigning the TL to a permanent seat at the kiddie table with front page press releases like this? "Some publishers are finding ways to combine the Internet’s immediacy and accessibility with their papers’ unique content. Count Times Leader Editor and Publisher Richard L. Connor among them." It's a shame to see the paper piss away whatever credibility it has as a vigorous truth-teller.

  • A fawning companion "story" about how life will be better with Bonus points for the worst lead ever: "Not long after Halloween a new Monster will be coming to town."
  • Rich Connor kisses up to businessman on the editorial board

    Another love-in from the TL publisher. Read his column for kisses for Scott Burnside, as well as thumbnail bios of Iseman, Lacoe, Butkiewicz, DeHaven and Jennifer Sorber.

    HUGE NEWS: TL wins First Amendment award for advocacy of high-school poet

    The "award" came from a high-school press association on the recommendation of the same guy Mark Guydish and the TL glowingly profiled a couple weeks ago.

    TL works out deal re: FOI lawsuit with Kingston cops

    Doesn't sound like much of a deal, but whatever.

    Turn of the screw in TL's FOI case with Hazleton cops

    Click on the link to read more.

    Can you imagine working at the Weekender for the last 13 years?

    That's what Michael Golubiewski has been doing, according to his recent Weekender column. Poor guy.

    More on the CV losing its libel case with Thomas Joseph

    The Voice had a story of its own (click above) but the TL stuck with wire copy.

  • The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press had a good story about the case too
  • Letter writer: Robbery and theft mean different things

    The difference, apparently, is lost on TL editors, David Berman of Wilkes-Barre writes.

    Dad: Why o why did TL run photo of my daughter collapsing at XC race?

    That's what Dr. Gerald Levandoski of the Back Mountain asks in a letter to the editor. Answer: Because it's the newspaper, dummy.

    Friday, October 27, 2006

    Reporter Ed Lewis, CV ordered to pay $3.5m in libel case

    Ouch! The case arose from stories about PIttston businessman Thomas Joseph allegedly linking him to mob activity. James Conmy and the Lynetts individually were let off the hook. The Voice has a staff report as of Friday evening, while the TL is reduced to using wire copy. More to follow.

    DA wants to limit media access to Hugo, other high-profile prisoners

    James Conmy of the CV reports the DA thinks news interviews constitutes "special treatment." In support of is cause, he cited some hayseed counties that don't allow media interviews with prisoners period.

    Donnie Collins chats live with Times-Tribune readers

    The chat happened on Monday; Penn State football was the topic of discussion.

    Another turn of the screw story in the TL's fight over Hazleton civil-service exams

    Memo to Mark Guydish: Please keep jargon like “petition for allowance of appeal” out of the paper. Thanks.

    TL complains that Sherwood ad portrays Casey Jones one-liner as the newspaper's one-liner

    A couple Casey Jones shots at Don Sherwood (“A better man would have stepped down" and "Sherwood owns what he did and there’s no getting rid of it") turned up in a Chris Carney, and now the TL wants Carney to stop. The story is most notable for this awkward quote from Poynter's Al Tompkins: "It would be fairer game if they said it was a columnist and not an editorial.”

    TL reporter wins award for community activism

    Mark Jones, the TL's newsroom "community advocate," won the PNA's community advocacy award after two years of trying. His TL job was created "to counterbalance the paper’s emphasis on court, crime and government news, which is often negative," according to the TL's story. What a strange newspaper.

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    CJR rips Scranton paper for story on Jews

    We're sorry to be a month late with this, but CJR online took apart the Times-Tribune for its hatchet job on the Hasidic Jews who may or may not move to Scranton. Writes Gal Beckerman: "There is a lot wrong with these articles, but a hatred of Jews, though it peeks through at times, is only part of a bigger issue. What is defective about these pieces is their lack of curiosity, the absence of any attempt to push the boundaries of previous knowledge, to get their readers to understand something deeper about their potential new neighbors. Instead the Times-Tribune reflects a laziness of spirit."

    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Eric Mayes, Daily Item of Sunbury win award for Iraq work

    The Daily Item of Sunbury was lauded by the erstwhile Inland Press Association for the work of reporter Eric Mayes, who spent time in Iraq with Pennsylvania National Guard units. Kudos.

  • Read the Iraq stories
  • Friday, October 20, 2006

    S. John Wilkin makes Wonkette

    Kudos to S. John Wilkin of the TL. His shot of Sherwood and Bush at Manning's in Clarks Summit went out on the wire and was perfect snark material for Wonkette.

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Local J-teacher wins national award

    The "award," which is really just a publicity gimmick for USA TODAY, goes to Les Nicholas, a Wyoming Valley West teacher who says this about having the principal approve stories before publication: "We’re glad to let them see it.... We don’t want to put something (factually) wrong in the paper." Journalism educaton at its best!

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Matt Kemeny goes live with Times-Tribune readers

    Is this The Times-Tribune of Scranton or the Washington Post? Live chats with reporters? Podcasts? "Blogs?" It started Monday with readers chatting with police reporter Matt Kemeny. Other reporters will be online next week.

    Warm fuzzies handed out at reader advisory board meeting in Wilkes-Barre

    It's a new day in Wilkes-Barre, starting with winning pull quotes like this one: "But there will be more than symbolism achieved here. Tangible results will be achieved if we listen and then respond to our readers’ concerns," Richard Connor writes. The Walzer Era is truly dead.

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Rich Mates, five others join Scranton Times 25-year club

    Kudos to Mates (not pictured) as well as David Haas, Michael DiGregorio, Nancy Curley, Janet Slavinski and Sandy Sheehan.

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    The TL's Connor: Accentuate the positive

    "I still see the need for this newspaper to remember our obligation to reflect the good we see here," TL editor Richard Connor writes in his Sunday column. He also gives a shout-out to the TLers who stuck around after the strike.

    Speaking of reflecting the good we see here, who else misses SAYSO? Thank Google cache for this trip down memory lane:
  • Plenty of anti-Kerry and anti-Israel rants in October 2004, along with a not-for-publication note at the top from the managing editor

  • Lazy Mexicans, lazy Pittston schoolteachers, and a special message for the creep who stole the Halloween decoration from the house on Govier Street in the Parsons section
  • Sunday, October 08, 2006

    A 67-paragraph love letter to the Sunday Scranton Times?

    One would think that the 'news' behind the existence of the Sunday paper would be up there with man bites dog. But Chris Birk is drafted into advertorial duty and produces a lengthy puff piece about the visionary Lynetts, the hardworking staff and the newsy Sunday Times itself - it even had stories about the pope dying and the space shuttle blowing up!

    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    Is the TL giving up its smashmouth ways?

    An editorial in the paper extolling the virtues of bowling scores and community calendars includes this line: "Sometimes career-driven journalists in pursuit of prizes and “scoops” tend to forget just how important. So it’s your job to occasionally remind them … remind us."

    Is Rich Connor telling Iseman, Janoski and the other hard-hitters that times are a-changin? Discuss.

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    TL, Scranton Times make Wonkette

    How often does the Times Leader make Wonkette? The Scranton paper? Never. But the site took note of the Sherwood case. Read on.

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    CV outs another possible TL investor

    James Conmy's story also reveals (possibly for the first time) the fact that Cecelia Haggerty had a big fundraiser for Bob Casey at her Dunmore home last year, and many Lynett/Haggertys donated there. Money given to politicians would NEVER influence news coverage, the Lynetts assure Conmy. Right.

    Chris Kelly again makes fun of those who doubt the Scranton Times

    It's a laff riot.

    Journalism day at LCCC

    Dave Weiss of the TL, Matt Engel of the CV and 50 Froggy 101 DJs recently spoke to high-schoolers at LCCC. Party on.

    Sports writer John 'Zeke' Zimich enters local hall of fame

    Zimich covered sports for the old W-B Record as well as the TL and CV. He's also done a lot of broadcast work. The item is at the bottom of the story.

    TL's Connor: KR sucked, we're making lots of money

    The most interesting bit in Richard Connor's Sunday column: The newspaper is no longer using the old KR call center in South Carolina and has reopened a local customer service department.

    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Jennifer Henn and Judith Miller in the same paragraph

    That's according to "The Epoch Times," an "independent newspaper." An anonymously-sourced story by Henn in the Scranton Times-Tribune led to a civil court order demanding that she divulge her source. The case is on appeal.

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Feds say Times-Tribune's 'Better Together' campaign was not illegal in a pro-Casey kind of way

    Maybe not illegal, maybe without merit (says Larry Beaupre), maybe silly (says George Lynett), but a newspaper billboard with Bob Casey's name on it in 4,000-point type was incredibly bad judgment.

    Jim Lehrer comes to NEPA for a speech

    He dodged Iraq questions and is a bus buff (!) who knows about the Martz. Other than that, nothing you wouldn't expect, according to Josh McAullife's Scranton Times-Tribune story.

    Al Zobel says NEPA people are all negative

    The former WYOU/WBRE boss landed in Madison, Wisc., where he is running a station there. The Wisconsin State Journal Q&A is mostly about his new job, but there is this line: "The thing about Wilkes-Barre and part of Northeast PA is the negativity. [...] After four years of it, I just couldn't do it anymore. It was pervasive throughout the community."

    Nice story about the radio reading service

    Josh Mrozinski of the Tunkhannock paper writes about the volunteers who read NEPA newspapers on the radio for the blind. This operation is not to be confused with the Radio Home Visitor on the King's College station, WRKC-FM.

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Beaupre inducted into new U. of Illinois j-hall of fame

    It was the first class - Hugh Hefner was also an inductee. No mention of the post-party. The 'story' has a nice summation of Beaupre's career.

    Thursday, September 21, 2006

    TL, Times-Shamrock may try to buy Sunbury paper

    Whatever. The TL is leveraged to the hilt. The Renita Fennick story almost sounded like a plant to make Richard Connor and the TL to sound more like players than they really are.

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Scranton Times-Tribune: The Jews are coming!

    Holy shit. Is the Scranton Times-Tribune anti-semitic or just stupid? Didn't anyone read these stories, these headlines before publication? The Times-Tribune ran a big Sunday package about, well, Jews. Allegedly with a news peg of a Brooklyn congregation moving as many as 1,000 (we'll see) families to a city of more than 70,000, the Times-Tribune tells its readers:

    -- The Jews don't return our calls, therefore they are conspiring (why won't they explain their nutty religion?)
    -- The Jews are taking over a nice township in New Jersey (implication = is Scranton next?)
    -- The Jews will "keep to themselves," their Realtor promises (until Christmas!)
    -- "Their tendency to collectively pursue their own agenda can lead to friction" (those pushy Jews!)
    -- "What concerns Mr. Hobday is not the size of the community but how it wields its formidable clout." (the levers of power)

    and the money line...
    -- "Deep down, they are nice people." (except that they killed Jesus!)

    OK. That line about killing Jesus a cheap shot. But this package has to be one of the worst pieces of journalism to be published in northeastern Pennsylvania in years. A story about a particular group (a congregation in NYC)... that doesn't include any interviews with that particular group? Can The Times-Tribune not read a road map? Is two hours too far to drive for an interview? And what was with the pointless sidebar about the Catskills? Those crazy Jews go on vacation too? Here's what was with the pointless sidebar: An editor must have had some Jews move in next to his regular summer vacation spot. Presto, it's a story.

    Isn't anyone looking at these pages before publication? Are they ill? Are they mad? Headlines like "political takeover alleged?" I'm glad I'm not a rabbi in Scranton. I would have shit my pants this morning. I suspect the Lynetts shit theirs too.

    Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Local buyer for WNEP unlikely, consultant says

    That's according to James Haggerty of the Times-Tribune.

    TL appeals reassessment decision

    The newspaper is arguing (unsuccessfully, so far) that Luzerne County commissioners broke the law when they secretly decided to postpone reassessing all the properties in the county.

    Iseman does a good - and funny - job of explaining the reassessment lawsuit

    Good stuff from the TL's managing editor, who might make a good columnist if the newspaper is hiring.

    Here's a story about the WNEP sale from Renita Fennick and Jerry Lynott

    A rare appearance in a local NEPA story by NYT spokeswoman Catherine Mathis.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    WNEP goes up for sale

    The year of turmoil for northeastern Pennsylvania media continues. The New York Times Co. is selling WNEP-TV; hard to tell if all the stations will go for one money or if they will be auctioned individually.

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Horrible 9/11 lead in TL makes Gawker's parade of shame

    How does the Times Leader's Ron Bartizek make New York gossip and media blog With the most tasteless 9/11 lead in history. Behold: "Five years after clouds of debris billowed up from the toppled towers of the World Trade Center, a silver lining may be forming in Northeastern Pennsylvania." Stay classy, Times Leader.

  • NEPA could be Wall Street West if everyone weren't so stupid and technically backward
  • Friday, September 08, 2006

    CV tees off on TL on editorial page

    A little late, here's the CV's editorial from earlier this week regarding the TL's secret owners and Richard Connor's poo-poohing of the whole story. The editorial is thoughtful, sharp and well-written. A first on the CV editorial page.

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    CV goes after TL on editorial page for not identifying owners

    This may be the best editorial I've ever read in the Voice. Thoughtful. Well-written. Sharp. It makes a good case why identifying the local TL owners is so important.

    71-year-old man won't be charged in crash that killed TL carrier

    One question after reading the Ed Lewis report: We know what the dead carrier was doing with his van parked on the side of the road with its flashers blinking - delivering newspapers. What was the old guy doing driving around Kingston in the rain at 5 a.m. Sunday?

    TL loses lawsuit against county commissioners

    Terrie Morgan-Besecker reports that the TL is considering whether to appeal Judge Mark Ciavarella's ruling against the paper, which alleged that the commissioners violated the state's open-meetings law when it kind of voted in secret over the phone.

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Woo-hoo! Connor column makes it online, three days later

    This happened with his W-B party column - published in the paper on Sunday, online on Tuesday. Maybe he's a believer in embargoing online content for a few days until everyone can read the print edition? In any case, it's a must-read. Here's the short version:

    1. Readers don't care who owns the paper.
    2. The subscribers of the paper, all 60,000 (huh?) of them, own the paper in Rich's mind.
    3. Who owns the paper isn't important.

    He doesn't say how much the subscriber-owners get if he sells out.

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Congrats to the George Lynett family

    George Jr. got married over the weekend. Kudos.

    Another reporter goes to the TL from the CV

    Tom Vesnesky, the CV's longtime outdoor writer, is writing for the TL as of Saturday. It's a little strange that the TL, which for years has ripped anyone involved with the CV as incompetent morons, has now picked up two veteran CV reporters in as many months.

    TL carrier killed in freak accident

    Kevin Church was standing in front of his parked van when another auto rear-ended the van, pushing it into the carrier, who was then pinned to the curb.

  • Read the CV's story on the crash
  • Sunday, September 03, 2006

    TL runs a story about two of its investors

    The Ron Bartizek story plays catch-up with the CV story from a few days before. However, the promised Richard Connor column explaining why identifying the local investors isn't important (I'd love to hear what Iseman has to say about that) didn't turn up in the Web edition of Sunday's paper.

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    The sounds of silence

    Friday's TL carried no story about the ownership stakes held by Frank Henry and Chuck Parente Sr. Ouch.

    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    Rich Connor of the TL loves a good party

    The reader is supposed to believe that his deep-pocketed investors bought into the TL because of its business value but because of "the impressive, Wall Street-type boardroom" at the new airport. Can we get Golas and his tomatoes back?

    CV outs two of the local TL owners

    Chuck Parente (Pagnotti Enterprises, other interests) and Frank Henry (Martz Trailways) are two of the Wilkes-Barre owners of the Times Leader, Tim Gulla revealed in the Citizens' Voice this morning. Will the TL follow it up tomorrow? And will it note the stakes of the two men when it writes about them?

    Will Sunbury be added to the Times-Shamrock empire?

    Ottaway Newspapers, a subsidiary of Dow Jones, announced this week that it will sell The Daily Item in Sunbury as well as other small papers in bustling places like Oneonta, N.Y. Note that Dow Jones is not selling the Danbury paper, which it bought from Ed Christine's (second) wife's family, or the real prize (such as prizes are in Ottaway), the Pocono Record.

    The Lynetts are on WVIA-TV right now

    Sorry this wasn't posted in time to call in your favorite questions. Kudos to the TL for running WVIA's laudatory press release about the Lynetts (breaker boy, Pulitzer Prize, fourth generation) almost word for word. Great journalism, fellas!

    Pa. Superior Court hears Times-Tribune libel/shield law case

    The justice will decide later what trumps: the state's shield law or the right of libel plaintiffs to vigorously press their cases. In the middle is the newspaper, which published a story that two ex-county commissioners claim is libelous.

    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    Michael Race of the Times-Tribune wins statehouse reporting award

    Kudos to Race, who won an award from "the Association of Capital Reporters and Editors." The small item in the Scranton paper does not say who judges the award.

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Woman charged with harassing WNEP employees

    She sounds like she might be off her rocker. What goes on in the mind of a woman who claims to be related to Joe Meyer and Marisa Burke?

    Friday, August 25, 2006

    A little late, here's the story about how Bill Kelly will ask the tough questions

    Kelly must not be interested in lively television if he's interviewing the TL's Richard Connor and the Lynett family on separate weeks rather than in one big happy family. Also in a very positive story by Rory Sweeney: Connor calls the pissing match with Times-Shamrock, largely dormant in print since Matt Golas left, "demeaning." Matt, wherever you are, zing!

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Get ready: the TL' Rich Connor to take calls Thursday on WVIA

    Connor will be on WVIA at 9 p.m. on channel 44. Call (800) 326-9842. It's going to be the highlight of the week.

    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Connor to write regular Sunday TL column; for his first topic, he chooses Elvis

    Elvis is still popular! And he's been dead a long time! Amazing insights. Next week: Remote controls are complicated.

    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    Set your VCR: Richard Connor to appear on WVIA-TV on Thursday

    The TL editor and publisher will field questions from Bill Kelly, WVIA boss, at 9 p.m. Of course, one of Kelly's bosses on the board of directors is Bill Lynett of the Scranton Times. Will they be softball questions? Or hard-hitting? Tune in to find out.

    The Big Vopper in The Wall Street Journal

    Saturday's Wall Street Journal carried an op-ed piece that referred to Bartinicki v. Vopper, the Supreme Court case -- possibly the most memorable and important First Amendment case to come out of NEPA -- involving former WILK talk-show host Fred Williams, a.k.a. Fred Vopper. In brief, Williams played on the air a tape of a Wyoming Valley West teacher's union negotiator talking on his cell phone about blowing off the front porches of board members. Someone had illegally taped the call on his police scanner and given it to Williams. The negotiator sued Williams, alleging violation of wiretap laws. The Court ultimately held that the First Amendment reigns supreme.

    Click above for the first couple paragraphs. For the rest, you'll have to pay a dollar at the Anthracite News Stand. Or Leo Matus.

  • Read a summary of the case from Cornell Law School
  • TL's FOI lawsuit against Luzerne County now in judge's hands

    The TL alleges that the Luzerne County commissioners broke the law when they voted secretly by phone in June. The commssioners say it was a poll, not a vote. Judge Mark Ciavarella has the case. Will the TL's regular beating of the local judiciary come back to haunt it?

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Local boy is a top editor at Field & Stream

    This won't do much to fuel the TL vs. CV fires, but it's a nice story about a guy from Dimock (Susquehanna County, halfway between Montrose and Tunkhannock, I had to look it up) who made it big in New York City writing about fishing.

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Still no word on the new secret TL owners

    The Nichole Dobo/Tim Gulla CV story made Romenesko's media news Web site.

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Connor: If you have a question, call

    In the last legs of an AP story about local newspaper ownership, Richard Connor says he's just a phone call away.

    More tales from the TL kitchen

    Copy editor Michele Harris appears in the newspaper talking about sauces with Mary Therese Biebel. Cameos by "Ron," "Rory" and other TL staffers.

    Local deep pockets buy Fox 56, WB affiliate in W-B

    The stations, WSWB and WOLF, had been in bankruptcy court. Two men currently or formerly with Parente Randolph and Martz Trailways are behind the $55 million deal, Dave Janoski of the TL reports.

  • Tim Gulla's CV story about the topic
  • Monday, August 07, 2006

    Another one bites the dust: TL circulation boss out

    He's being replaced by a guy from Hazleton, according to a TL story/press release without a byline. No comment was apparently sought from incumbent Donnell Giles, who is done today.

    Sunday, August 06, 2006

    Love all over: Stephanie Kanavy of the Scranton Times and Mike Sadowski of the Pocono Record

    The couple is engaged. Again, congratulations.

    Kristie Grier ties the knot

    It was an all-star TL cast when former Weekender editor Kristie Grier married Matt Ceruti. Congratulations.

    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Audio clip of Connor talking about taking over as editor

    In case you missed it, here is an audio clip from Tuesday of Connor talking about Matt Golas and about taking over as Times Leader editor.

    TL production boss out

    Brett Shoemaker quit or was fired earlier this week, the CV reports. Update: The TL, in fact, reported this on Wednesday in its story about Connor replacing Golas.

    TL lawyer says they won't fight subpoenas, except Iseman says they will

    Two papers, two stories. In the TL (click above), attorney Ralph Kates says the newspaper will allow Ed Lewis, Dave Weiss and Terrie Morgan-Besecker to take the stand in the Hugo case. In the CV (click below) Dave Iseman says the newspaper will likely fight the subpoenas, which is newspaper custom. The CV is still on the fence on how it will respond.

  • CV story on Hugo case, media subpoenas
  • Thursday, August 03, 2006

    TMB, Dave Weiss, Ed Lewis subpoenaed

    The subpoenas of the three TL reporters are part of DA Dave Lupas's effort to get Peter Paul Olshefski off the Hugo case. Lewis is being subpoenaed in his capacity as a CV reporter. How will that work?

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Burying the lead: Connor says he and Golas would kill each other

    Or something like that. The second-hand quote is in the 99th graf of Renita Fennick's gloves-on story about how Matt Golas got fired. Nichole Dobo's story in the CV was unremarkable except that she could not reach Golas for comment even though he lives four blocks from the paper.

  • TL owner will work as editor and publisher
  • Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Golas fired from the TL; Connor takes over as editor too

    Will we ever find out how Matt Golas did playing the ponies? This makes the third editor in a year and a half in Wilkes-Barre.

    Saturday, July 29, 2006

    TL staff editorial sending Pat McHugh into the sunset

    Farewell, Pat McHugh. We hardly knew ye.

    It's official: Rich Connor takes over the TL

    The $65 million deal was sealed Friday afternoon, Renita Fennick reports.

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    Alan K. Stout will miss Pat McHugh

    Another positive sendoff piece. Is someone counting these?

    More of the McHugh lovefest, and an invitation to Times-Shamrock journalists

    Intriguing. Buried in the last legs of another McHugh canonization piece (we love his laugh!) is this line: "We’d love to give local, seasoned journalists a shot at working at the best newspaper in Northeast Pennsylvania. You know who we are talking about. Spice up your work life and give me a call." Have others at the CV and Scranton Times been in talks with Golas? Is Ed Lewis not the last to change teams?

    Making it legal

    The good people of Towanda won't tolerate any living in sin. So before George Lynett's son moves up to Towanda with his girl to be the publisher, they better make it legal. Two days after his appointment was announced, his engagement is announced. Katey Lisk is also a Times-Shamrock employee. The big day is Sept. 2.

    Second-quarter radio numbers are in

    Note that the only radio guy quoted by the CV's Mary Ondrako is a former Times Shamrock employee.

    Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    More on McHugh

    TL editor Matt Golas continues his sendoff for publisher Pat McHugh with another newsroom note.

    Ed Lewis joins the TL!?!

    Matt Golas, in his newsroom note, reveals that the Ed Lewis whose byline is in the newspaper is THE Ed Lewis of the Citizens' Voice. How often does this happen? How did Ed's departure play out on North Washington Avenue?

    Friday, July 21, 2006

    McHugh: "This is not a resignation"

    Then it's a firing, I guess. The story was tops on Romenesko's left-hand rail this morning.

    Here's the Voice's weak story:
  • New TL owner returns to post as publisher

  • Here's the Matt Golas newsroom note on McHugh's departure:
  • Morning note: Who is McHugh?
  • Thursday, July 20, 2006

    McHugh out at TL

    Rich Connor will take over as publisher. Now, if he could just sell that McMansion....

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    The TL´s Golas goes after the CV, accuses it of yellow journalism

    TL editor Matt Golas uses his Monday newsroom note to really beat on the Voice, calling them minor-leaugers and worse for a Sunday Voice house ad trashing the TL. The Voice piece is not online, not surprisingly.

    Former CVer, TLer injured in softball accident

    Len Brussock, who worked at both Wilkes-Barre newspapers for a total of 48 years, was umpimg a softball game when he was struck in the face with a bat. He´s lost the sight in one eye.

    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Times-Tribune biz page blows the publishers

    A story (two, in fact) about a new service that is coincidentally owned by the Scranton Times-Tribune: "When mWIRE launches Monday, consumers will be able to call an automated telephone service, leave a message of what they want and how much they will pay, and several merchants may call back with offers.

    “This service turns the Yellow Pages on its head,” said Matthew Haggerty, mWIRE project manager for Scranton-based Times-Shamrock. “Here, all you have to do is make one phone call and let the merchants compete for your business.”

    Jesus. And people wonder why the Lynetts have a bad journalism reputation with some people.

    Here´s the sidebar to this fine business journalism:

  • Local search´s launch part of broader trend
  • Another turn in the TL´s FOI suit in Hazleton

    The newspaper has been trying to get ahold of the test scores of police officer candidates in Hazleton. The city has resisted, and has been joined by the state FOP.

    Tom Mooney, we hardly knew ye

    Longtime TL reporter and copy editor Tom Mooney retires, and Mike Liechty throws a party in his honor. Read Steve Mocarsky name-check Mary Therese Biebel, Jerry Kellar, Joe Soprano and Dawn Shurmaitis.

    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Best. News. Ever. Casey Jones starts blogging

    When Casey Jones starts blogging, you know the end is near. Check out the first one at:

    TL: Kingston mayor´s lawsuit is full of crap

    At least that´s what TL lawyer Ralph Kates says.

    Former TLer Chris Doyle promoted in Florida

    Doyle, who worked at the Times Leader back when, is escaping DeKalb, Ill. for a VP´s job in Naples, Fla. Kudos.

    Ch-ch-changes in Scranton, a Lynett moves to Towanda

    The general manager of the Towanda paper is the new general manager of the Scranton Times-Tribune, succeeding Hal Marion. As part of the same deal, George Lynett Jr. moves to the GM job in Towanda.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    W-B paper breaking the balls of the Scranton diocese

    The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader is going after the Scranton diocese big time. Coincidentally, The Scranton Times and the Lynett family has always had a reputation as apologists for the diocese. The series seems to imply that the diocese has gotten a free pass up in Scranton. The series also takes pains to point out that TL editor Matt Golas and publisher Pat McHugh are Catholics. Read the stories and post what you think.

  • Read the TL stories
  • Old Sunday Independent publisher ticked that his paper didn´t get a mention in TL

    Harp Heffernan writes in that the TL didn´t mention the Sunday Independent in his history of NEPA recently. Sorry, dude. Maybe you shouldn´t have sold out.

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Catch up on the news in local radio

    with Mary Ondrako, the radio columnist who once referred to "jass" music. This week: The polka and bocci shows on WNAK are moving but not disappearing.

    Local leaders grit their teeth, tell TL how happy they are to be in a two-paper town

    Of course big shots are going to tell the TL they are pleased with the continued existence of the TL. Of course, if they said anything else, their asses would be beat in print for weeks.

    TL letter writer: We need a two-paper town in Scranton

    Another lover of the TL writes a letter to the editor.

    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Goodbye Brian Malina, Tom Mooney at the TL

    Malina is leaving for a nonprofit and Mooney for retirement, Matt Golas reports in his newsroom note. The TL is also hiring, he said.

    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    It's confirmed: $65m for the TL

    At least that's what Reuters says. Kudos to Renita Fennick for getting the right number days ago. Now, if she could only find out who owns the newspaper....

    Incremental news (again) in CV libel case

    The TL scooped the CV on its own libel case the other day. A turn-of-the-screw story on the case of Thomas Joseph, who the Voice allegedly made look like a wise guy.

    How the CV did it

    What hotel? Classier than the Host Inn?

    How the TL did it

    Read the Matt Golas newsroom note. Also, here are his words from Marketplace on NPR:

    Matt Golas is editor of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.
    He says a different storm is prompting residents to
    take action.

    MATT GOLAS: "In the wake of Katrina, people take this
    more seriously. They saw what happened down there. In
    this case though it's not a hurricane, it's a
    slow-rising river. It's one of those things where a
    few feet will make a difference in millions of

    Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    TL, CV, abandon downtown offices

    The Voice will be working out of Scranton and out of a motel; the TL will be working out of a motel also and printing in Philly. The CV will print at the Times-Tribune plant in suburban Scranton.

    Most of metro W-B ordered evacuated

    THe mandatory evacuation includes everyplace that flooded during Agnes in 1972. Downtown Wilkes-Barre, home to the Voice, the TL, the TL printing plant and the WBRE/WYOU office on South Franklin Street. The order was issued an hour ago, but the TL still doesn't have it on its Web site. Kudos to the sleepy CV for getting it on their site in a timely fashion.

    UPDATE: Matt Golas was just on Marketplace representing the "Time Leader," according to the newsreader.

    Connor bobbin' and weavin' when it comes to his co-owners of the TL

    New managing partner/owner Rich Connor says he can't say who the owners are, but promises they won't interfere in the news operations. Right.


    Nothing like misspelling the name of the new owner's daughter on Page One to get things started right.

    Incremental news in CV libel case

    Some more evidence has been added to the case. Probably could have been briefed out.

    Web flood coverage so far: crap

    This will change in a few hours, when Web pages are updated to reflect Wednesday's editions. But at the moment there is little coverage of what could be the worst flooding since Agnes, even though locals and diaspora alike have been aware of the impending doom since late Tuesday afternoon.

    Every news site should already be full of reporting, photos, and video clips. Not later this morning, not this Sunday. Now. Here's how things look at 1 a.m.:

    Voice: F. Flood? What flood? No mention on its site. Amateur hour.

    TL: Lowest possible D-. Nothing on the main page but glee about their new owner. If you drill down to the 'breaking news' section, news of the mandatory evacuation of South Wilkes-Barre is stuck in the police briefs. No photos or video. Only the Voice's low standards saves them from an F.

    Scranton Times-Tribune: C-. Two bylined stories, one of which is pretty good. Some links. But no photos (just one thumbnail) or video or audio.

    WNEP: C+. They've got a great slideshow (130 pix) of viewer shots. That's what people log on to see. It's inexcusable that the papers don't have the same thing. NEP also has a few stories, including a good roundup.

    WBRE: D+. A couple stories stating the obvious (it's flooding!) and that's it. Their grade was improved with the story about two people drowning in Hazleton, a story no one else bothered to report.

    WYOU: F. Nothing but a list of evacuated streets. Why bother even having a Web site, fellas?

    Monday, June 26, 2006

    Done deal: Former TL publisher Connor buys the paper

    There's all kinds of stories this afternoon. We'll round them up here. As of 3 p.m., the Voice didn't have a story on its Web site. Typical.

  • TL editorial: Eff you Lynetts, and p.s. we'll be better now with the 'corporate shackles' off (?)

  • A brief history of the TL

  • E&P credits Renita Fennick's reportage

  • The Scranton Times used Mike Rubinkam's AP story

  • EARLIER: Detailed Fort Worth Star-Telegram story abour Richard Connor and his bid to buy the TL

  • Joe Butkiewicz writes about the life and times of Rich Connor
  • Renita buys it: TL sale to the Lynetts isn't going to happen

    Is Renita Fennick just reading tea leaves or does she have the inside dope? Time will tell. Still, the press release-style remarks from TL department heads ("The best word is ‘wow,’ that’s how I’d sum up the work of our team,” said Susan Kahlau, the Times Leader’s vice president of advertising") was unseemly.

    CV to spend $1.5m on press upgrade

    Obviously, some people are taking this as a sign that the Lynett bid for the TL is DOA. Time will tell.

    TL says Walzer lawsuit is full of it

    It's all boilerplate from the TL in reply to former editor Allison Walzer's lawsuit. One interesting note: The TL has hired a Philly firm, not a local one, to defend itself against the suit.

  • Read the CV's report, a day late
  • A bit of evidence added in Joseph/CV libel case

    Incremental news in the libel case that businessman Thomas Joseph filed against the CV.

    Rumor: Someone is hiring for a new newspaper in Scranton??

    I'm calling bullshit on this rumor, which started on a Scranton politics message board. Here is what someone wrote lat week: "Believe it or not, this came from a non-political friend who also hates the [Times-Tribune]. She's a staffer at Penn State and came across job placement ads for her students. They are looking for reporters, circulation people and whatever other jobs a newspaper needs. 25 jobs to be exact. It's for Scranton and area according to her."

    Penn Staters? Care to add some insight to this?

    Scranton Times turns blind eye to suicide of famous husband of local woman

    Many people read about the suicide (shotgun to the head + anchor tied to an ankle) of Phillip Merrill, publisher of Washingtonian magazine as well as namesake of the Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. You may not have known that he is married to a NEPA girl, a fact Terry Bonifanti reported in Saturday's Scranton Times-Tribune. Strangely, though, the newspaper omitted fact that Merrill killed himself. Bush league.

  • Read the Washington Post's thoughful and sensitive story about how friends are shocked at Merrill's suicide
  • Golas to TL newsroom: You're the best

    Also, other KR people tell Pat McHugh that they think the Times Leader is very well written. There are still other KR people?

    TL continues with Sunshine Law suit

    The Times Leader is still fighting Luzerne County over its vote to stop reassessment. It's a Todd Meyers story.

    Friday was the last day at the TL for Todd Meyers and Mike Buffer

    Towns editor Todd Meyers is headed to Pittsburgh and reporter Mike Buffer to Vineland, N.J., editor Matt Golas reports in his newsroom note.

    Stop the presses: Religion columnist to stay at TL

    Steve Corbett drops off the face of the earth and no one said a word. A priest from Hazleton who writes weekly column for the granny set -thinks- about leaving and it's cause for non-stop coverage. Regardless, rest easy, folks: Father Bob Timchak will continue to write about Catholics for the Times Leader.

  • Matt Golas writes about how Sandy Snyder looks at him and about how everyone (not just the papists) loves Father Bob
  • Monday, June 19, 2006

    Consolidation at WYOU/WBRE

    One guy, Ron Krisulevicz, will replace news directors Frank Andrews Shimkus at WYOU and Paul Stueber at WBRE.

    Union at Harrisburg paper is dead

    Unionized newsroom workers in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, take note.

    Plains Township woman loves the TL

    Another letter from a mournful reader. Where are all the letters that say "good riddance?"

    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    "No feature writers wanted"

    That's the headline on from those "hard-core" newsmen at the Bloomsburg Press-Enterprise. "If you dream of working at a daily paper where the reporters and editors love hard news, this is the place," reads the ad.

    On Thursday's front page: "DANVILLE — More motorists downtown are getting pinched with parking tickets thanks to the police department's new summer intern."

    Newspapers are profitable, according to local biz story

    Unfortunately, Jeff Sonderman's Scranton Times story about the lucrative nature of newspapers makes no mention of the owners of -his- newspaper, the Lynett family. Typical.

  • The companion story leads with quotes from... an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal. The story is filled out with interviews with current and former Scranton Times employees about how bright the future of daily newspapering is. Business journalism at its worst.
  • Alan K. Stout takes a look back after a year at the Weekender

    Even the Weekender is muckraking, Alan K. Stout reports, because it did a story about boob jobs.

    Former TL publisher Rich Connor still interested in buying the paper

    There was another tour of the paper Tuesday, the story notes, but Jerry Lynott didn't know who was on the tour.

    CV says BIlly D. indictment makes its allegedly libelous story OK

    Judge Mark Ciavarella will rule on whether the Voice can add Billy D.'s indictment, which was unsealed after testimony in the libel case ended, will be added to the record.

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Former TL designer Rob Fucci checks in

    Fucci, now back in Massachusetts, is praying for the TL.

    Sunday, June 11, 2006

    Louis DeNaples talks with the Scranton Times

    The Scranton Times published Sunday a huge package about Louis DeNaples, the "Dunmore businessman" who is reputed to be the man behind the man when it comes to everything in northeastern Pennsylvania. DeNaples is trying to get a slots license, so it's now in his interest to talk with the press about how clean he is. Tough journalism or puff piece? Read the stories and discuss.

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    TL newsroom thinks Times-Shamrock sux, deluges Gary Pruitt with e-mail

    Missed this story yesterday afternoon from the AP's Mike Rubinkam on how the TL is the last kid on the playground.

    Iseman writes of the bureau, lesbians, and gargling

    But not of Times-Shamrock, McClatchy, or Knight Ridder.

    Letter writer: I love the Times Leader

    Connie Storer of Wilkes-Barre is the author

    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    The TL's story on how it's the last KR orphan

    Interesting tidbit from the story: Renita Fennick states as fact that Pat McHugh is leading a group of bidders. Though McHugh is quoted in the story, no one asks him about it.

    The upshot of all this: the TL can now claim to be Knight Ridder's flagship newspaper.

    WYOU down to five reporters

    This comes from Beale's Bites, an excellent NEPA television news blog.

    Read the TL's lawsuit against Skrep and Vonderheid

    The TL published the text of the suit on its editorial page. There you have it. You do wonder why the commissioners would want to continue to keep Luzerne County in 1965.

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    And then there was one

    Wilkes-Barre always has to be special, right up to the end. McClatchy has sold off all its unwanted newspapers except one: The Times Leader of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Is there a bidding war? Or are there any bidders (at the minimum price) at all? If you were expecting any insight from the TL business staff, your expectations were misplaced.

    Stacy Brown of the Scranton Times gets a plug

    Having met Stevie Wonder qualifies as newsworthy in Scranton, since a reporter for the Times was written up for his connection to the Wonder family.

    TL goes after Luzerne County in FOI suit

    Despite all the hot air in the Walzer regime, it seems like the TL has really ratcheted up its FOI vigor in the Golas regime. This time the target is a potentially illegal vote on the part of the Luzerne County commissioners.

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Was Sembrat a virgin?!?

    The Delaware County (Pa.) Times has a sweet tabloidish story about TL sports writer Steve Sembrat, who got two to four years Monday for trying to hook up with a little girl he met on the Internet. The little girl was a cop. Not to ruin the story, but a couple highlights:
    -- Sembrat "raised a handcuffed arm to wave at a colleague from the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader"
    -- "the defendant was quoted as stating that he never had a sex partner"
    -- He never, ever, ever thought about tying up young girls and having sex with them until 2004.

    Sembrat gets two to four years

    Terrie Morgan-Besecker makes the trip to Media to write the last story of the man who, when accused of soliciting sex from an underage girl, confessed. To Dave Iseman.

    Steve Corbett, en espanol

    Sure, it's a year old. But read a story that a paper in El Salvador wrote about former TL columnist "Steve Corbett, columista de Santa María Time, ha escrito columnas desde que el juicio de Michael Jackson dio inicio en la corte de Santa María, California."

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    The words "Renita Fennick" appear on Romenesko

    Very exciting. Let's just hope Renita has a job by the end of the week.

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    TL is hard-hitting, CV easy to read while pooping

    That's the Sunday morning insight on the TL letters page from Dick Holodick of Wilkes-Barre. Are these letters for real?

    Saturday, June 03, 2006

    Diamond City editor: We love our bosses

    "He's young, hip, and one helluva motivational speaker," Gene Padden gushes of CV publusher Scott Lynett. Of the CV: It's "a strong paper with a loyal readership." Quite a love-in down in Wilkes-Barre.

    McHugh leading group to buy TL??

    The plot thickens. Saturday's TL cites an anonymous source who reports that publisher Pat McHugh has an assembled an ownership group of Philly money to buy the TL. Be sure to read the comments on the official TL discussion board at the bottom of the page.

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Todd Meyers, Jon Fox quit the TL

    Two more bite the dust: Meyers, the city editor, and Fox, the Wilkes-Barre City Hall reporter, are departing for greener pastures. Matt Golas doesn't say exactly where in his newsroom note, but Meyers will be doing PR (where?) and Fox will be working for an outfit in D.C.

    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    Blondie voted #1 comic in Scranton Times

    Editor Lawrence K. Beaupre writes a lengthy history of Blondie for subscribers. Must be read to be believed.

    CV circulation up, TL circulation down

    Newspapers only publish stories with terms like FAS-FAX if their circulation goes up. If circulation goes down, no story. That's why there's no corresponding TL link.

    TL publishes letter from staffer uneasy about criticism of Times-Shamrock

    Kudos to the Times Leader editors for their willingness to publish a letter from within the building critical of all the anti-Times-Shamrock rants. It begs the question for an interesting story: What about all the line employees at the TL who just want to get along and desparately hope to have a job there in a few months? Not everyone there is a footloose reporter or an executive with a KR buyout in their contract.

    Bids for TL due today

    The Times Leader didn't publish a story on the deadline, though the Citizens' Voice did. Pat McHugh tells Nichole Dobo that "several" bidders have visited the newspaper.
  • Anonymous source tells TL that Yucaipa may visit
  • Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    “The reporting was not just negligent, it was reckless and out of control"

    That's what a lawyer said about stories in the CV about a NEPA businessman. That man's libel trial against the Voice and reporters Ed Lewis and James Conmy concluded on Friday. A ruling from the bench will come in a couple months.
  • Read the CV's story wrapping up the trial coverage

  • Oops: Robert Kalinowski picks up a correction on his Thursday story about the libel case
  • We'll-miss-the-TL letters come in

    Readers say they'll miss the TL (which isn't dead yet, by the way).
  • Susquehanna County man loves the TL's TV guide
  • Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Welcome Derek Levarse and Jamie Raub to the TL

    Both fellows will be working for Joe Petrucci on the sports desk. Matt Golas has the details in his newsroom note. Don't sign any long-term leases, fellas.

    More -- much more -- on Richard Connor's bid to buy the TL

    This is the most insightful story to date on any non-Times-Shamrock buyer for the newspaper. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a big story about Richard Connor, his family and his money. A must-read. Interesting that the Fort Worth paper (a former KR paper) didn't slip the TL a copy of its story last night.

    Casey Jones: Save us. Please, save us!

    The deafening sound of silence in Wilkes-Barre re: the impending demise of the TL saddens Mr. Jones. Someone should put all these self-serving columns (we're great, Lynetts bad, you'll miss us) together into a book.

    Wife of man targeted by CV stories says she was questioned about his alleged shady deals

    The libel case against the CV continued for another day Wednesday, Kevin Amerman reports.

  • CV unable to force its law-enforcement sources to testify, judge rules (TL sidebar)

  • Read Robert Kalinowski's CV story about the case
  • Plleeeese read this letter to the editor

    A Mary Ann Daywood of Plains wants the TL to stay, and she's willing to misspell words in the newspaper to make sure the paper stays.

    WNEP does a brief story about the potential demise of the TL

    The story is about what you would expect. Some people like the Leader. Others like the Voice.

    Hapless, lazy, hopeless

    Some might say that describes using a Tuesday 'newsroom note' as a Wednesday staff editorial. Not the stuff of Pulitzer prizes.

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    TL letter writer: A two-newspaper town is good

    An uncommonly articulate letter to the editor in the TL (from a Swoyersville man, no less) attacking the simple-minded letter from the temp agency magnate that supported a one-newspaper town.

    Comny on the stand: CV libel case continues

    Word to the wise: When you write a story that could be potentially shaky, remember that you could be on the stand five years later explaining who you did and didn't rely on. CV reporter James Comny admitted Tuesday that his stories about Thomas Joseph's alleged improper dealings did not have any law-enforcement sources. Makes you wonder who his sources were, then. The plaintiff's attorney will probably be asking that question in the coming days. Ed Lewis, the main writer on the stories, was nowhere to be found on Wednesday, though the same attorney would like him to testify. Another test of Pennsylvania's shield law awaits.

  • Read the CV's take on the story
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    God bless the little creatures at the CV

    Not a good day for the CV or for Times-Shamrock. The Times Leader piles on, with a staff editorial along with the usual Matt Golas newsroom note about how retarded it was for the Voice and the Scranton Times-Tribune to ignore the Lynett family tour of the Times Leader on Sunday and then write a story about the tour that relies solely on the TL story. Romenesko bites, making the flap (Citizens' Voice unable to confirm parent's tour of KR paper) his lead story for a time.

    Question: Is Golas writing specifically to get on Romenesko?

    Former publisher Connor tours TL plant with potential buyers

    Richard Connor was a publisher right after the strike started in 1978. A solid effort from Renita Fennick. NOTED: In the last legs of the story is the unattributed claim that the newspaper is worth $50 to $80 million.

    Joseph libel suit against the CV continues

    Another day, another round of accusations that the Voice is full of anonymously-sourced, slipshod reporting. Kevin Amerman from the TL reports.
  • Robert Kalinowski of the CV reports about how a (possible) source of the story was allowed to leave without testifying on the Voice's behalf
  • Monday, May 22, 2006

    NewsAlert: Lynetts, others tour TL on Sunday

    Why, oh why, are there no pictures? Potential new owners walk through the newsroom at 11:15 a.m. Sunday and no one takes pictures? Christ. Anyway, the TL also reports that the rumor mill says that a former publisher, but not Dale Duncan or Mark Contreras, may buy the paper. Maybe they will give Allison the paper to settle her lawsuit.
  • Matt Golas, in his Monday newsroom note, mocks the Lynetts for not writing about their visit in the CV or the Scranton paper, says they are soft, makes odd reference to a Department of Justice investigation (all after Sherwood item)
  • Scranton Times editor Steve Daily says he'd like to blog about blogging

    Buried in the business editor's column was a mention of How sweet.

    Coverage of CV libel lawsuit continues

    It's been interesting comparing CV and TL coverage of the Thomas Joseph libel lawsuit. Terrie Morgan-Besecker has written every story for the TL, while it's been a rotating cast for the Voice. Saturday, it was Nichole Dobo. Friday's testimony was from an expert witness who said Joseph lost a lot of money because of the CV's erroneous reporting. Note the interesting lines at the end of Dobo's story. The Scranton Times stayed away from the story again Saturday.
  • CV story on the libel trial involving the newspaper
  • Scranton Times goes behind the scenes of Frank Andrews Shimkus' win

    The analysis, from Borys Krawczeniuk's Roderick Random, says Andrews won because he's on TV a lot and because the other strong candidates took away from each other. No mention of Frank's professional ethical lapses.

    Scranton Times-Tribune shooter Jason Farmer wins at APME

    Inexplicably, the Scranton newspaper did not mention its staffer winning in its wire story published Friday. The Pocono Record, where Farmer was working at the time he did the winning work, had more information.

    UPDATE: Jason Farmer is not to be confused with Ed Farmer, a journeyman right-hander who pitched for the Phillies in 1982-83. Fucking bloggers!