Monday, December 18, 2006

TL sues for names of donors to Hazleton legal fund

Kudos to the TL for pressing the city of Hazleton with an FOI lawsuit. A shame that the CV won't join them on this and other matters.

  • TL managing editor Dave Iseman gives his two cents on the matter

    Anonymous said...

    And the city should cave in. I agree. But how about if the TL's brass also revealed to the paper's readers who carries the money bags behind the paper's ownership?

    Anonymous said...

    Wait ... is this the same Dave Iseman who founded the SAYSO line? So it's OK for the Times Leader to sell papers by letting people spout off anonymously, but the city has to follow a different set of rules. Hypocrisy much?

    BIG Ben said...

    It's not hypocrisy. In response to both above questions, the TL is a private company and held to a different standard than that of a public institution. Of course the city has to follow a different set of rules than a private (or even publicly traded) company.

    The public is supposed to own the government. That's why anyone can get the salaries for teachers and cops, but not for reporters and editors.

    It's actually sad that I have to explain this.

    Anonymous said...

    OK, Big Ben. But the TL is supposedly a "public institution," in that it supposedly is serving the "public interest." It remains hypocrisy. It's actually sad that you can't seem to comprehend the obvious.