Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Check out the U. of Scranton journalism blog

University of Scranton journalism professor Matthew Reavy has been blogging about journalism in northeastern Pennsylvania. Read on for details of... The Office convention.

"Oh wow, that is so cool"

As befits a purveyor of serious journalism, the Times Leader has on the paper's Web site -- mixed in with videos of politicians talking with the TL "editorial board" -- some choice clips of some dudes from IT flying a toy helicopter in the TL mailroom. Sharp.

Monday, October 29, 2007

"if guys are looking for h*** j***, or stuff like that, they're typically going to go to our Massage Section, licensed massage."

The arrest of three Orlando Weekly staffers -- that is, the Orlando Weekly owned by the Lynett family's Times Shamrock Communications -- was the talk of journalism last week. But it apparently wasn't the talk of Scranton, since the Times-Tribune opted not to write about to bury with an inside brief the story of three T-S staffers being charged in Florida with aiding prostitution by running escort service ads in the T-S alt-weekly in Orlando.

  • Transcript of convo between undercover cop and Orlando Weekly ad sales rep (WFTV)

  • A conveniently-timed Orlando Weekly story about the "jaw-dropping list of transgressions" by the agency that arrested the Weekly staffers
  • The Office? What's that?

    As you may have heard, there was a convention in Scranton this weekend for fans of the NBC program "The Office." Al Roker even did his Today show weather from Da U! It would be impossible to round up all the coverage, so save yourself some time and read Times-Tribune reporter Josh McAuliffe's commentary.

    The TL's Connor waxes poetic, or something, about Frost and his dog

    Wilkes-Barre Times Leader Publisher Richard Connor goes for a walk in the woods in Wapwallopen.

    Nichole Dobo moves on to the York Daily Record

    Kudos to Nichole Dobo, who is now reporting for the York Daily Record. She is the third Times-Tribune reporter to move on recently to a larger Pennsylvania newspaper, which speaks well to the T-T.

    DeNaples casino opens; Times-Tribune swoons

    Kudos to Dave Janoski for ramping up aggressive coverage of the DeNaples casino and associated legal news in Harrisburg. But. Still. Three straight days of wet kisses from the staff. Let's recap the leads:

    "Today may be your lucky day." -- Roger DuPuis II, Oct. 22

    "Finally, there is gambling in Paradise." -- Sarah Hofius Hall, Oct. 23

    "Monday was a jackpot day for Mount Airy Casino Resort." -- Sarah Hofius Hall, Oct. 24

    Setting aside the political and legal issues in Harrisburg, surely there is someone -- somewhere -- who questions the wisdom of allowing people to gamble almost $600 apiece at a casino, money that notionally would otherwise have been spent on something else.

    Richard Connor: Knight Ridder was stupid to sell to me

    Wilkes-Barre Times Leader Publisher Richard Connor says things are hunky fuckin' dory at the TL. "Hey, Ma, things are all right here at home," he writes.

    Sunday, October 28, 2007


    We've been at Tom Venesky's cabin in Noxen enjoying the first week of pheasant season and taking some time off, since Noxen doesn't yet have Internet access. So much news! If we've missed anything, update us at nepamedia@gmail.com.

    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Monday, October 08, 2007

    Not to beat a dead horse...

    But it's embarrassing to see the Scranton Times-Tribune sit silently while front pages of every other Pennsylvania newspaper are exploding with the Louis DeNaples's attempt to shut down the grand jury investigation of his casino license. Click above for a selection of Philadelphia Inquirer stories from the last couple days. Go to the Times-Tribune's Web site for a seven-part history of the Poconos. And a cute picture of a deer.

    Times Leader hires "nationally known" Dunmore guy as digital media boss

    John Baldino's first task: find out why the Times Leader loves oversized, grossly pixelated mugs like the one of Baldino run on Sunday.

    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    The Times-Tribune adds Borys Krawczeniuk's byline to Roderick Random's Random Notes

    We noticed this weekend that the regular Random Notes -- the Scranton Times-Tribune Saturday political news and analysis column that appears under the pseudonym Roderick Random -- carried a tagline that said the feature is written by Borys Krawczeniuk. The tagline first appeared on Sept. 22, with this explanation. Sorry we missed it then.

    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Welcome Jeremy Grad to the Times Leader

    The Drums native is a product of Luzerne County Community College and Bloomsburg University. Scroll down to read Grad's LCCC alumni report, which includes this: "I also spent a summer doing an internship at Wilkes-Barre’s finest newspaper, The Citizens’ Voice."

    Meow! Scranton Diocese and the Lynetts no longer BFF

    Wow! Read this broadside from the diocese against The Times-Tribune, the newspaper's editors -- and the publishers.