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Anonymous said...

Just another sign of how the quality there has been shot to hell. By the way, anybody catch when they did this big long feature on the kielbasi fest and had the wrong weekend. They had to run an entire story the following week saying, Whoops, even though we told you it was last week, it's actually this week

Anonymous said...

I suppose none of you have ever made a mistake. And no, I wasn't the one who did.

Tom Carten said...

For Sale: Sm Wh Church, Sun. use only, w/furn, songbooks, organ. Disregard pic.

For sale by owner. 570-NO-POPES

Ted the Troll said...

What the hell happened to Howard Beale?

Frankie Warren needs to shave that porn star mustache.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cuz the voice, tt, nep, "nexstar," have never, EVER, made a mistake. Please.

Anonymous said...

Remember when, ummmm, Carol Crane (of CV fame) referred to Jon Larson (LCCC "prexy") as James for years.......I know that's unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout the CVs cover on Wednesday of the number "5." What happened to "4" and "3."
And to their CV sports, there are other Penguin hockey players than Bonvie. Must be some type of fetish of sumthin.

Anonymous said...

More from the CV Thursday:

Pg. 3 deck
"Estimates on how long teaches could picket vary widely."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and don't forget about that "team engine," from a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've said it before and I will say it again... both WB papers pretty much stink for a number of reasons. 1) the reporters for the TL and CV spend more time bashing eachother than reporting on the news, 2)the newspaper gene pool has been thinned too much in a market this size, meaning with two separate and competing newspaper staffs in a small/mid size market, there simply isn't enought talent at either operation for quality to prevail, 3) and lastly, mediacrity just seems to be okay with a lot of folks in this region; it's rampant in almost every business segment, social segment and civic segmant.

So, let me send this challenge out there. Anyone blogging or reading here that has the ability to improve either paper, why not give it a try instead of pointing out the other's imperfections. That would be a refreshing change

Anonymous said...

The CV editors are mostly troglodytes who couldn't spell their way through an ABC primer. These days, the TL seems to be catching up with them.

Anonymous said...

State aid in funding regional police departments an obstacle
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While some local police chiefs and politicians want to see more regional police departments, funding them is problematic.

The state government provides only limited financial assistance, especially for startup costs. An embryonic regional force can get up to $100,000 in grants over a three-year period.

State Rep. John Yudichak, D-Nanticoke, says the state needs to provide more money up front. He sponsored a bill to provide the grants - up to $100,000 each year over a three-year period to meet startup costs.

"There is a need for the state aid in advance to cover legal costs and get these departments up and running," Mr. Yudichak said. His involvement shows that regional governing is viewed as a solution not just for fast-growing regions, but for regions coping with population losses and a shrinking tax base.

Mr. Yudichak is chairman of the Luzerne County Municipal Cooperation Commission, an effort to make regional or shared services for public safety, land use and health care a reality among the county's 76 municipalities. The West Side Police Department, covering Edwardsville, Larksville and Plymouth boroughs, is touted as one of the commission's success stories.

West Side Police Department? Opps

Anonymous said...


First, I agree with your assessment of the local newspaper scene for the most part. I don't have a dog in this hunt, but...

The TL was a good newspaper up to a couple years ago. Somewhere between the time they took out SAYSO and the redesign of the paper, things went downhill. The new management doesn't seem to be getting it done, and the paper was sliding.

There was a time when I would have held it up as one of the better papers for its market size. No more.

The CV has improved since TS took over. That's not saying a lot because it was an absolutely horrible newspaper up to that point. At this point, the TL has fallen so far, so fast that the CV may now be the better paper. At worst, it's a day-to-day call.

TT is a decent newspaper. It looks a lot better to an outsider who doesn't know what's being left out than it does to people from this area though. Its reputation as a largely pro-Dem paper that covers for its friends and rips its enemies has haunted it for decades.

As to improving the news media locally:

1) Identify the talent and give them the reins to do good stories.

2) Don't treat the locals like a bunch of bumpkins. That might be true of the people reporters are dealing with (the politcos and the weirdos wandering the downtown streets). But outside the valley, it's a different story.

3) Cover the things locals are interested in. You can't do that with day-to-day stories alone. It's going to take some series:

* Crime: Where's it coming from? Why's it going up? Who's committing it? Why? Etc.

* Illegal immigration: Contrary to what I read in the papers, Hazleton is not a town filled with racists. There are some to be sure. But there are also a lot of regular folks who are watching their town be transformed. (Also, hire a translator a get the Hispanic point of view... legal and illegal alike.) What the hell is REALLY going on? This story's largely unreported.

* Scranton Success: The city's going places. And no I'm not a politco or a downtown business owner. There are decent restaurants, fun bars, something that's starting to resemble a nightlife. Combine it with some other improvements and you have a bounceback happening here. The national media are going to end up scooping the locals on this one.

* Act like you care about the community. Listening to a lot of the media folks, it seems like most of you think the people and the community both suck. That comes across in the papers too.

I could go on, but I've provided enough ammo for the naysayers already.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was very long. Thanks for your insights. Must be nice knowing everything.

Anonymous said...

"Wow that was very long. Thanks for your insights. Must be nice knowing everything."

Knowing things is actually quite nice. How's ignorance working out for you?

Anonymous said...

"Knowing things is actually quite nice. How's ignorance working out for you?"

I haven't noticed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, TT is pro-Dem.

The TT endorced every GOP presidential candidate since Reagan, even Dole. Endorced Arlen Specter and McDade EVERY TIME THEY RAN. Sherwood had to choke his Peruvian mistress to lose the TT endorcement. TT backed Tom Ridge for gov. County Row offices and judges? TT mostly backs Republicans.

TT pro Dem? Someone is on crack.

Anonymous said...

4:18. Could I get some help? What does "endorced" mean?

Anonymous said...

It means, "Oops!" ths pot is calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

"Oops!" It happened again. I guess we all make mistakes. Let's end this.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm curious.
How does a paper that overwhelming prefers Republicans get a reputation as being Democratic?

Anonymous said...

Don't know about it being pro-Dem or pro-GOP.

The paper did endorse

Chris Carney (D)

Bob Casey Jr. (D)

It endorsed Bush in 2000 but no one in 2004.

I'd say they go easy on almost all the local politicians. I don't recall them taking on Mayor McNulty or longtime commissioners Corcoran & Alberigi. On the other hand, they also frequently gave a pass to Ernie Preate and Joe McDade.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know William Lynett?
He's a regular John Bircher . . . to the right of Bush and to the left of... maybe... Attila The Hun.

Anonymous said...

5:17, in the entire Post WWII era you found TWO endorsed dems? Let consider them dems: Carney: Pentagon offical, professor, whipped father of what, 5? Hardly a fire-bomb throwing liberal. Up against the Republican who choked his Peruvian hooker. Tough choice.
Casey. He lives up the freakin' street. Local boy for U.S. senate, running against outer-space Nazi Santorum. Should have been no more controversial than cheering for Penn State, but it's a scandal.
They are the best examples of the pro-Democratic slant?
Bottom line -- Repugs have to be strung out on meth, convicted of murder, caught masterbating in public, or found in bed with a 12-year-old to NOT be endorsed by the Scranton Times.
Dems: You better be far right of center, live up the street, never so much as jaywalked and have Freddie Kruger (R-Hell) as your opponent, and bow and scrape to EARN the Times endorsement.

Anonymous said...

No. In a 1 minute Google search I found two endorsed Dems and one endorsed Republican (Bush in 2000). Try "Scranton Times" and "endorsement" yourself.

I'm not trying to push one side or the other here. My recollection over the past 25 years or so is that the Times pretty much takes care of whoever is in office. At the very least, they don't seem to interested in stirring up the pot.

Anonymous said...

In the old days, the Times seemed pretty chummy with Corcoran and Alberigi. I remember the old Tribune doing a less than flattering story or two about them, but not the Times.

Same with McNulty. I actually like the guy. But he was running up bills anyone would have a tough time paying (trying to avoid libel here :)). Everyone in town knew about it though. Ask the folks at Farley's for example, or one of the many rose sellers in town. But the Times was quiet about it.

NEPA is a mostly Democratic area. It's an area that's known for its less than stellar politicians. If the Times was as rabid GOP as some of you seem to think, I would imagine they'd be like sharks in a blood-filled ocean. Instead, they seem to be shaking everyone's hands.

Either they aren't that rabid or they aren't that interested in REALLY covering politics.

Anonymous said...

Oooo... I forgot Jimmy Connors too. Another nice guy. But how many terms did he serve as mayor without any really complaint from the Times?

Scranton was on the verge of not being able to pay its light bills, for God's sake, and the paper wasn't going nuts about it. What up wid dat?

Anonymous said...

Interesting debate on politicians that are backed by the TT.
The TT supports the publishers' BFFs. It has very little to do with party affiliation.
Connors was pummeled by the TT almost from the day he took office and certainly at the end of his three terms. He was a Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat.
Doherty is the current favorite. Most of the stories coming out of City Hall are puff pieces on the administration or slams at his critics.
Contrast that to the TT hammering Brian Jeffers and company at the Scranton School District for accepting contributions from the district's design team. (Not that he didn't deserve it.)
Doherty does the same thing. I haven't met a politican yet who doesn't give contracts to friends/contributors. But there have been no similar stories about the mayor.
Both Doherty and Jeffers are Democrats. They also hate each other.

Anonymous said...

Go query the FEC database for campaign contributions by the Lynetts, then call them Republicans.

Patrick Casey
Pennsylvania Democratic Party
Joe Biden for President
Bob Casey

Tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats and not a single donation to Republicans. Yeah, they are REAL GOP fanatics. ;)

Anonymous said...

Already, two TT critics with widely divergent views of how Connors was treated. How about the story where TT stalked him for days and did a story about "The non-working life of Scranton's mayor." Leaving his house at 10 a.m., coffee at Stooky's at 11, City Hall by 11:30. Then Lunch while Rome burned. Yeah, they were in Connor's pocket. You idiots.

Anonymous said...

Email to a friendPrinter-friendly
A Lake-Lehman School District resident was incorrectly identified in an article on Wednesday. John Headman, not John Evans, was the employee of State Correctional Institution at Dallas who spoke up at Tuesday’s school board meeting. Coincidentally, a John Evans also works at SCI-Dallas, but he lives in the Hanover Area School District and did not attend the Lake-Lehman board meeting.

The price for children’s tickets was incorrectly reported for the St. John’s Orthodox Church spaghetti dinner scheduled for 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets for children cost $3.50.

©The Citizens Voice 2007

Anonymous said...

Lynetts ain't giving money to Rendell and Kanjorski. They support Green Ridgers of any political stripe because they are friends. Nothing to do with politics. (see accurate W.L. comment above.) Lynnet $$ to friends who are Dems does not equal slavish support for all Dems and the dem platform in real life or the newspaper. To the contrary -- the GOP and its platform will ALWAYS rule the editorial pages of the Times-Tribune even as the Lynetts give cash to a few long-time friends who happen to be Dem. (Which I'm sure irritates the newsroom but is hardly prima facie evidence of bias.)

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is from Green Ridge? Who knew. Does the state Democratic Party have their HQ there too?

Anonymous said...

Biden is from Green Ridge, you douche. That's why he announced his presidential bid Scranton. Family moved when he was 11.
Get the net!

Anonymous said...

I can work the Google machine. Seems poster is correct, Biden is from Scranton and did announced his campaign at the Scranton Chamber nosh.

Anonymous said...

Why pick on the CV, 10:20 a.m.? The TL was worse. It averaged at least one correction a day this week:

Monday, Oct. 15:

A STORY in Sunday’s paper should have stated that Linda Stets is a Republican candidate for Wilkes-Barre mayor and city council District D.

Tuesday, Oct. 16:

A STORY THAT was published on Page 3A Monday needs clarification. Wilkes-Barre City Council candidate Walter Griffith Jr., a Republican, said he favors enactment of a sexual offender ordinance and would add more restrictions to the ordinance proposed by Councilman Jim McCarthy. Griffith proposes the city clerk be required to notify the residents of the area where a child predator resides.

Wednesday, Oct. 17:

An Article in Monday’s Times Leader noted that Region 1 has two seats but, during the primary, only one incumbent ran for re-election, with no opposition. So when the votes were initially tallied, Mark Kornoski was the only candidate in the region to make the November ballot.

But the article didn’t note that Farrell had run a write-in campaign in May, and got enough votes from parties to earn a position on the Democratic and Republican tickets next month. So voters have two candidates running to fill two seats. Farrell and Kornoski will face a write-in challenge from newcomers Bob Pace and Jim Nayavich.

(Wow, a whole farkin’ story because a reporter fuxxed up and was too lazy to check with the Bureau of Elections!)

An article that was published on Page 1C Tuesday mischaracterized public meetings being held by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The meetings are to gauge the eligibility of the applications for Category 3 slot machine casino licenses, such as whether they are a sufficient distance from another license holder, have enough available hotel rooms and the required recreational amenities. Hearings to determine whether applicants are suitable for licensing will be held later.

Thursday, Oct. 18:

The headline on a Page 8A story Wednesday about the Lake-Lehman School Board meeting was incorrect. The board voted 6-2 in favor of a resolution censuring teacher and union president Dan Williams. Andrew Salko and Lois Kopcha voted against the resolution; James Welby was absent.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Times never took on Corcoran. That must be why Corcoran is STILL SUING the Times-Tribune.
I guess it's just a "friendly" lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Oh! who's the dirty cunt running this site...update, please!

Anonymous said...

4:49 p.m.: Your posting would indicate that Mr. Nepamedia is actually Mrs. Nepamedia, contrary to a longheld assumption. Do you know something we don't?

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seriously, is nepamedia ok? i'm worried. two weeks with nothing is unusual

Anonymous said...

think about it. Nicole Dobo quit Times Shamrock at about the same time nepamedia stopped updating.
Why did she quit?

Anonymous said...

I don't know. To me, Nepamedia seemed more of a TL person than a TS'er.

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Hey Heidi Ruckno!


Anonymous said...

We all know what is going on in Mr. NepaMedia's life that would be taking up his time now.

I am calling your bluff. Anyone who knows anything knows Nicole is not behind this board.

Anonymous said...

To resume the CV-TL pissing match, anyone take note of the ridiculous CV cover the other day with the electron microscope view of the MRSA bacterium. Jesus Christ, I thought giant green blobs were attacking NEPA from outer space, only to find some kid in Wyoming Area has a staph infection. Way to cause unnecessary alarm.

off and on TLer... said...

This was just posted on

Company: Scranton Times
Position: Entertainment Weekly Editor
Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Job Status: Full-time
Salary: Negotiable
Ad Expires: November 29, 2007
Job ID: 844274

The Community Newspaper Group is seeking an editor for Electric City, Northeast Pennsylvania’s premier arts & entertainment weekly. The ideal candidate will be a versatile journalist with strong writing and editing skills, an ability to lead staff and freelance writers, and a firm grasp on how to present content for both print and Web audiences.

The candidate must also possess the ability to succeed within a team environment, as they will be working closely with Electric City's sister publication in Wilkes-Barre, Diamond City, as well as our trio of community weekly newspapers and other niche products. Some familiarity with pagination is required, as is a willingness to handle basic administrative tasks. The candidate should also be prepared to become an active and identifiable personality within the Scranton-area cultural scene through participation with community arts organizations as well as weekly TV, radio and Web cross-promotion.

Interested candidates should e-mail a resume and a brief description of why they are suited for this unique position to Matt Smith, Managing Editor, Community Newspapers, at:

When applying, mention you saw this opening listed at

Anonymous said...

11:30 PM, October 12, 2007:

"Meadiacrity?" I suppose it's shorthand for "mediocre media?" Did you make that up?

Anonymous said...

WTF is this?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
To resume the CV-TL pissing match, anyone take note of the ridiculous CV cover the other day with the electron microscope view of the MRSA bacterium. Jesus Christ, I thought giant green blobs were attacking NEPA from outer space, only to find some kid in Wyoming Area has a staph infection. Way to cause unnecessary alarm.

11:46 PM, October 25, 2007

What happened to 4, 3, 2, 1 on the CV cover about the Lake Lehman school strike?