Monday, October 29, 2007

DeNaples casino opens; Times-Tribune swoons

Kudos to Dave Janoski for ramping up aggressive coverage of the DeNaples casino and associated legal news in Harrisburg. But. Still. Three straight days of wet kisses from the staff. Let's recap the leads:

"Today may be your lucky day." -- Roger DuPuis II, Oct. 22

"Finally, there is gambling in Paradise." -- Sarah Hofius Hall, Oct. 23

"Monday was a jackpot day for Mount Airy Casino Resort." -- Sarah Hofius Hall, Oct. 24

Setting aside the political and legal issues in Harrisburg, surely there is someone -- somewhere -- who questions the wisdom of allowing people to gamble almost $600 apiece at a casino, money that notionally would otherwise have been spent on something else.

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Anonymous said...

I think the more appropriate question, beyond the $600, is why DeNaples was permitted to open his casino AT ALL, licensed with a felony conviction and an ongoing Grand Jury investigation. Even the Act 71 legislation allowing felony convicts with charges 15+ is called "Louie's law". Let's get real here. The real story is in the corrupt politics that allowed this to happen and the corrupt casino owner who bought the deal. Go after that one.