Friday, December 29, 2006

The Times-Tribune makes Jim Romenesko's

Kudos to reporter Matt Kemeny, whose story about a Scranton couple who made their toddler smoke and drink for the camera is making the rounds nationally.


Anonymous said...

Kemeny's not bad. Why is he still there?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you realize it's the story that made Romenesko, not the writer, right? Parents making their baby smoke and drink, that's the epitome of a story that writes itself. And Kemeny may not be bad, but he ain't that good either. Compared to his local peers he might strike you as pretty good, but that really isn't saying much and maybe that's why he's still here.

Anonymous said...

I love the bile here. "A story that writes itself." "It's the story, not the writer." "He ain't that good." Who the fuck am I talking to, Al Slavin?

That was mean. I almost wish I took it back.

In reply:

1. The story didn't write itself. A reporter wrote it. And believe me, even the most interesting story can be fucked up by a reporter.

2. The story would not have made Romenesko without Kemeny.

3. No one said he was Joe Pulitzer. I believe the word used was "kudos." He's a good guy and a good reporter.

4. I, myself, am pathetic for posting here at 2:30 a.m.