Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Eff you, "strongman boss Tony Ridder"

Leading off with the Matt Golas newsroom note crowing about the sale, here's today's news:

  • Photos of the staff (many newsroom people pictured) while Rich Connor speaks to the TL newsroom (audio clip + slideshow)

  • Rich Connor really beats up on Tony Ridder

  • Staff editorial (retread of yesterday's)

  • An excellent, if positive, profile of Rich Connor by Joe Butkiewicz

  • Renita Fennick's mainbar

  • Tom Mooney, who is retiring Friday, writes about how he fought to get on to Connor's 1980 TL

  • Rich Connor tells the staff about why he bought the newspaper (audio clip)

  • Connor talks about battle with the CV, then and now

  • Pat McHugh announces the sale of the newspaper to the staff (and leads a round of applause for Renita Fennick!)

  • From outside the TL....
  • That strikebreaker Connor is back in town, Tim Gulla at the CV reports

  • Uh-oh: Connor tells the Voice he won't identify the local investors

  • Nichole Dobo of the voice writes a history of the TL and particularly the strike era

  • CV staff editorial: We're local, we will always be here for you

  • The AP's Mike Rubinkam writes about the sale
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    Tom Carten said...

    For those who tuned in late:

    Perhaps the best compilation of how the strike came about is a book based on eight years' worth of research. There are probably copies in local libraries.

    "ON STRIKE! Capital Cities and the Wilkes-Barre Newspaper Unions," by Thomas Keil; University of Alabama Press. 1988.

    It gives an even-handed account, IMO, of what led up to the strike and its effects locally.


    (T.I.A.: I wrote the book review at the request of CV management. As a ten-year contributing columnist, I was close to the action but not emotionally involved as were the strikers. Copies of the review available for an SASE. I'm at King's.)