Monday, June 26, 2006

Renita buys it: TL sale to the Lynetts isn't going to happen

Is Renita Fennick just reading tea leaves or does she have the inside dope? Time will tell. Still, the press release-style remarks from TL department heads ("The best word is ‘wow,’ that’s how I’d sum up the work of our team,” said Susan Kahlau, the Times Leader’s vice president of advertising") was unseemly.


Anonymous said...

Kahlau is an idiot who is only in her position because she's so far up McHugh's ass that she doesn't realize the people who worked for her and whom she screwed over is why she is where she is. She has no talent. She relied on others to get her there. Hopefully Connor will see that and fire her.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that this website is kept up to date considering they announced the sale this morning. The Scranton Times choked big time.

Tom Carten said...

Richard Connor... a newspaper man who, the first time around, didn't seem to realize that people use pen names (no matter how transparent) to separate their day job from their work as newspaper columnists.

He tried to get me fired from my day job when he found out I was writing for the Voice as arts critic Chris Vail. I was using another name because it was during the strike and I did not want to drag anyone ese into it. Everybody knew who I was anyway.

Connor vs the Voice. Here we go again. Back to Day One.

However, two newspapers will keep everyone on their toes.

Anonymous said...

i hate to say this, but connor was right. i can't think of one time that it is OK to use a pen name and work as a journalist. no paper in the world would let you use a pen name.