Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Most of metro W-B ordered evacuated

THe mandatory evacuation includes everyplace that flooded during Agnes in 1972. Downtown Wilkes-Barre, home to the Voice, the TL, the TL printing plant and the WBRE/WYOU office on South Franklin Street. The order was issued an hour ago, but the TL still doesn't have it on its Web site. Kudos to the sleepy CV for getting it on their site in a timely fashion.

UPDATE: Matt Golas was just on Marketplace representing the "Time Leader," according to the newsreader.


Anonymous said...

In the age of the internet, for it to be over 4 HOURS since the County Commish promised a street by street listing of the areas to evacuate, and to NOT be able to find it on any media outlet's website is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

The county's Web site is down, too. Wonderful.

Tom Carten said...

Well, just listen to WPUU, the Wilkes-Barre City Emergency Radio Station at 1620.

Oh, that didn't have any emergency information either.

Tough luck.