Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Still no word on the new secret TL owners

The Nichole Dobo/Tim Gulla CV story made Romenesko's media news Web site.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Louis DeNaples?

Anonymous said...

If DeNaples is an owner, the TL headline will be:
Local Philanthropist denies that he is new TL Owner

If he's not an owner:
Convicted Felon: I'm not TL Owner

With apoligies to the old anti-drug public service ad (This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs): This is journalism. This is Journalism with anonyomus owners. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

The last thing we need is a lecture from someone who works for the Lynetts.

The only difference with them is you know who's meddling in their news coverage.

(And hear the rumor? DeNaples was helping back the Lynetts' bid for the TL.)

Now, I wouldn't put money on that, but the fact it's out there says tons about the Lynetts' reputation.

Anonymous said...

I guess I hit a nerve.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: "The only difference with them is you know who's meddling in their news coverage."

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Anonymous said...

yeah. all those experts (poynter, psu prof, ryder prof) dont know what they are talking about.

clearly, reporters and editors at a mid-level paper (the TL) know better.

Anonymous said...

Well, you know those academics and their "ethics" -- they're always bitching about something.

Anonymous said...

"ethics." what a bunch of horseshit. we should all just forget about that nonsence.

i say journalists should take gifts, sell ads and be able to put opinions in stories.

why stop there? lets boot all these ethical lecturers out of our colleges. what are they doing there anyway? nothing but bitching about how we should hold ourself to a "higher standard."


i say screw it. ignore those people behind the curtain. they are not going to hamper newsgathering at the TL.

Anonymous said...

I'm 10:08 a.m.--I'm the guy who asked if DeNaples was an owner of the T-L.

I did it for giggles. It was meant as a joke. It's funny, get it????


With the exception of 12:52 p.m., all you people takes yourselves waaaaaayyyy too seriously.