Sunday, August 20, 2006

Connor to write regular Sunday TL column; for his first topic, he chooses Elvis

Elvis is still popular! And he's been dead a long time! Amazing insights. Next week: Remote controls are complicated.


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How about something local?

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It's not just that it's long, meandering and uninspired. It's got a real tin ear to the language.
His reference to Elvis "gerrymandering" the musical lines. Gerrymandering, I'm sure you all know, is not just redrawing lines, but creating odd districts for partisan political purposes. It's the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug.
And an "outcropping of war" -- ech, how about "outbreak"?
It's going to be hard enough to be both editor and publisher without displaying your lack of language skills every Sunday. I'm thinking this guy needs a real editor to do his journalistic heavy lifting.

Anonymous said...

Props to Mr. NEPA Media for getting through the whole thing.

I couldn't read past the third graph. It was four days late and read like a selection from the "P" book of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The stuff of 5th grade essays.


Anonymous said...

It seems Connor is not past recycling columns. This also ran in his Texas paper.

So people in TWO markets had to read this train wreck. I expected way more from this guy.

This marks the second time he has recycled his print (day of the sale with the strange rant about Ridder and his golf clubs).

I can see Connor now: "What is this thing, they call 'The Internets' and 'The Google?' How can they read the Texas paper in Wilkes-Barre? So confusing!"

Anonymous said...

Big Rich is a fucking moron. He was a scummy scab 20 years ago and he's still one today.
I'm going to enjoy watching his meltdown.
Welcome back to Wilkes-Barre, you cocksucker!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even money says he'll just stop putting the articles online and call them "print exclusives" or "only in print."

That way you'll have to drive to Texas to read his Ambien dose of worthless crap.