Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rich Connor of the TL loves a good party

The reader is supposed to believe that his deep-pocketed investors bought into the TL because of its business value but because of "the impressive, Wall Street-type boardroom" at the new airport. Can we get Golas and his tomatoes back?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the airport, where does the "international" part come in? Does this relate to the "international flights" that pour into Avoca daily from that foreign airport at Philly? Nore likely it's just chamber of commerce boosterism, a.k.a. bullshit.

Tom Carten said...

It's a Customs thing. You can fly stuff in from another country and, however they do it, avoid a long customs wait in NYC and have it flown in here (or, for all I know, truck it in) and go thru Customs quicker at Avoca.

Anonymous said...

I have flown from Avoca non-stop to Canada.