Thursday, August 03, 2006

TMB, Dave Weiss, Ed Lewis subpoenaed

The subpoenas of the three TL reporters are part of DA Dave Lupas's effort to get Peter Paul Olshefski off the Hugo case. Lewis is being subpoenaed in his capacity as a CV reporter. How will that work?


Anonymous said...

It's "Olszewski," not Olshefski.

Anonymous said...

also, lewis not subpoenaed. terri should run a correction.

Tom Carten said...

6:44 said: It's "Olszewski," not Olshefski.

Listen to an out-of-area newbie and it's "Judge Ol-zew-ski."

Anonymous said...

"Listen to an out-of-area newbie and it's "Judge Ol-zew-ski.""


Tom Carten said...

The newspeople who can't get the towns right will occasionally say it the way it looks. Instead of the "Ol-sheff-ski" pronounciation, they go with the way it looks, saying "Ol-zeww-ski." I've heard it myself.

"Judge Peter Paul Ol-zeww-ski today..."