Monday, September 04, 2006

Another reporter goes to the TL from the CV

Tom Vesnesky, the CV's longtime outdoor writer, is writing for the TL as of Saturday. It's a little strange that the TL, which for years has ripped anyone involved with the CV as incompetent morons, has now picked up two veteran CV reporters in as many months.


Anonymous said...

Tom and Ed Lewis, both competent writers, left the CV because of that bastard Holeva. They were treated like shit. Look for more losses of veterans. However, this is what Larry wants. That way he can replace them with new staffers who will paid less. It's not as if they were making a lot of money at the Voice. They made shit. But at least at the TL they'll make more and be treated with some respect.

Anonymous said...

What another non-story. The outdoors writer jumps ship - big deal. I defy anyone to produce any stat that shows readership for those type of articles is substantial.

No one cares.