Monday, October 02, 2006

CV outs another possible TL investor

James Conmy's story also reveals (possibly for the first time) the fact that Cecelia Haggerty had a big fundraiser for Bob Casey at her Dunmore home last year, and many Lynett/Haggertys donated there. Money given to politicians would NEVER influence news coverage, the Lynetts assure Conmy. Right.


Anonymous said...

The Lynetts and Haggertys are so far up the Casey family asses, they need a ladder to climb out.
And, when was the last time you read a negative story about Casey in the TT or CV?

Anonymous said...

Aw come on, pal. Corporations and rich cronies give money to pols only to be nice. Didn't you know that? Struggling companies like Wal-Mart don't give 500 bucks to local nonprofits to seek (and win) cheap publicity (when the local rag's photo shows up to take the grip and grin). Nosiree. They give the money simply to be nice. Sort of like Big Oil kicking in thousands to guys like Santorum. Hey, it's free speech!

Anonymous said...

Say whatever you want, it's still transparent - unlike what the TL is doing. You know who owns the TT, and they do nothing to hide who they support. The TL can't say the same thing. HUGE difference.