Friday, November 03, 2006

TL runs two Sunday Page One advertorials about its Web operation

My God. Does Connor understand that he is consigning the TL to a permanent seat at the kiddie table with front page press releases like this? "Some publishers are finding ways to combine the Internet’s immediacy and accessibility with their papers’ unique content. Count Times Leader Editor and Publisher Richard L. Connor among them." It's a shame to see the paper piss away whatever credibility it has as a vigorous truth-teller.

  • A fawning companion "story" about how life will be better with Bonus points for the worst lead ever: "Not long after Halloween a new Monster will be coming to town."

    Anonymous said...

    A good place to start would be spelling the name of the newspaper correctly online.

    At the bottom of every article you'll notice an ad asking people to subscribe to the "Time Leader."

    God help them.

    Anonymous said...

    Sweet fancy Moses, they do spell it wrong. WTF?