Monday, November 27, 2006

Chris Kelly offers hugs to holiday shoppers

Regardless of what you think of Chris Kelly's work, watch the video of Kelly harassing Christmas shoppers in Dickson City Friday morning. It may not be journalism but it is funny, funny shit. Well done, Eric Toffey and Chris Kelly. Well done.

>> Read Kelly's column describing his hug-a-thon


Anonymous said...

F-ing hysterical!

John Mitchell said...

Funny, yes.
Journalism, no.
Then again, that's what I thought the first time I read Dave Barry, and he seems to be doing OK without my approval.
It's just a damned shame nowadays when so many papers the size of Scranton or even bigger are claiming they don't have the manpower to investigate corruption at City Hall, police department problems, the military, marauding corporations, etc.
And yet you've got one of your people best suited for that kind of work acting like he's auditioning for the Ali G. show.
I guess my bitch is more with the state of the business than with Kelly or the Times Tribune.
But what's the most ambitious enterprise piece they've done in the past year? The Hasidic Jews? Don't get me started.
Give us news, not comedy.

Anonymous said...

a video short of this can be found on john webster's blog.

Anonymous said...

Pure puff and fluff. Meanwhile, where's the hard-hitting journalism about the homeless guy sleeping under the highway bridge and what put him there? Or the City Hall corruption?
What this piece illustrates is nothing more than the renewed dumbing down of community journalism.

Anonymous said...

The TT is giving the people what they want. All of the news you want and need is there for the reading. The Kelly bit appeals to the web's younger audience.

Anonymous said...

John a flaming arsehole.

Anonymous said...

About the only website in NEPA trying to do anything timely and edgy.

Anonymous said...

Is Kelly getting fatter?

Anonymous said...

All of the news I want and need is there for the reading? Are you fucking with me? Thanks to RSS, here is what posed as news in the Sunday paper:

Gambling just ices the cake of area’s comeback

Who’ll run with Washo?

Prayers are answered: Stolen ornaments found

Storm recovery under way


Abington businesses get water service back

News Quiz
Test your knowledge of local current events. Read more…

News Update

Tax hikes dodged in MV towns

Week in review

First electric trolley delivered passengers in elegance
The Electric City was born 120 years ago, when the first all-electric trolley in the country made its debut. Read more…

Shoot me, please.

Anonymous said...

love it!