Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Comny on the stand: CV libel case continues

Word to the wise: When you write a story that could be potentially shaky, remember that you could be on the stand five years later explaining who you did and didn't rely on. CV reporter James Comny admitted Tuesday that his stories about Thomas Joseph's alleged improper dealings did not have any law-enforcement sources. Makes you wonder who his sources were, then. The plaintiff's attorney will probably be asking that question in the coming days. Ed Lewis, the main writer on the stories, was nowhere to be found on Wednesday, though the same attorney would like him to testify. Another test of Pennsylvania's shield law awaits.

  • Read the CV's take on the story

    Anonymous said...

    Whoever is running this site would flunk a spelling test. You spell Conmy C-O-N-M-Y, not Comny.

    Anonymous said...

    Whoever is running this site doesn't worry about spelling.

    He's a JOURNALIST, man! Not a speller. Spelling is for sissies!

    Pro journalists don't worry about such minor things.

    They're too busy staking out the Pottsville Republican to see if Rutherford J. Lynett is visting.

    Dan Allisonoff said...

    Damn you and children, Mr. Nepa Media! Go back to New Jersey! If the King trades his rookery for the hyena den, who will know how the wind blows through the monkey cage? Pat McHugh's brass ego? Maybe Renita can find it on the AP wire, or ask Babs Youngblood and all her connected cronies in WBASD ivory tower or all the fat cats in their Arena sky boxes lording it over the poor folks in Township laboring under the yoke of Kevin Blaum.

    There must be a conspiracy.


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    Anonymous said...

    Dan Allisonoff,

    Get a God damn life... what the hell are you talking about ?

    Dan Allisonoff said...

    Louis DeNaples?