Wednesday, May 10, 2006

TL's Golas to CV's Dobo: Drop dead

Well, not quite. But TL editor Matt Golas is crying in his beer that Nichole Dobo didn't use his money quote in her Sunday takeout on the future of newspapering in NEPA. "Nichole is a reputable reporter. I hope this was just an oversight and not a case of censorship, an example of managing the news," Golas writes at the end of his newsroom note. Maybe it was a case of the reporter picking the quote she felt was most newsworthy! What a chickenshit thing to cry about -- the reporter didn't use the quotes he thought was most relevant. You could fill Public Square with interview subjects who have the same complaint about TL reporters... or about reporters at any newspaper in the land.

Golas should know better.

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Hatchy McClatchy said...

He knows better. But he's trying to salvage whatever he can from the bad career move to W-B. I think he'd make a good Rude Rube.