Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blondie voted #1 comic in Scranton Times

Editor Lawrence K. Beaupre writes a lengthy history of Blondie for subscribers. Must be read to be believed.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Blondie!

And she also sang some hot disco tunes in the late 1970s ...

What a woman!

Tom Carten said...

The newspaper article said:
He [Dean Young] announced May 10 that he was starting a “Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes” chain of restaurants specializing in huge sandwiches.

* * *

I hope this does not affect the name of the very nice "Dagwood's" on Market Street in Kingston. Good place.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Dagwood Deli on Penn Ave, circa 1986? Popular Times staff lunchspot.

And how Foxtrot was as low as 17th is beyond me