Monday, May 08, 2006

Scranton Times publishes puff piece on Frank Andrews Shimkus

Incredible. The Scranton Times profiles a guy who a) lied about his name, b) worked as a TV news director while publicly kicking around running for office c) is still "consulting" for a TV news station while running, d) puts on his resume master's and doctoral degrees from an unaccredited school (which he uses to teach at the University of Scranton), and e) appeared on the cover of a pay-for-play "magazine" under questionable circumstances.

And the Sunday profile, from Borys Krawczeniuk, only addresses the name lie -- and gives him a free pass on it. The rest, all documented and on the record, is ignored. The profile is the definition of uninsightful. Except for the disclosure that his favorite movie is "Pay It Forward," reason enough to not vote for the guy.

What a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

Wow! A couple of rocket scientists, both the profiler and the profilee.

Anonymous said...

You can't work at WYOU and date your co-worker