Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Old Sunday Independent publisher ticked that his paper didn´t get a mention in TL

Harp Heffernan writes in that the TL didn´t mention the Sunday Independent in his history of NEPA recently. Sorry, dude. Maybe you shouldn´t have sold out.


Anonymous said...

no one made a comment about the Indy is because it was a worthless piece of shit run into the ground by the Heffernan cabal.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but don't forget the SI was the largest circulated Sunday only newspaper in the country for many years. Mr. Heffernan retired in the Florida Keys when they stopped publishing. My guess is your world is not as sunny as his. The "Heffernan cabal" must have done something right for all those years.

Tom Carten said...

As I understand it:

(a) The SI sold every one of its papers to the distribution company, no matter how many they printed. What happened to them after that was not the SI's problem, nor did it affect their 100% circ figures. Correct me if I'm wrong about that, but it's what I heard several times.

(b) The employees had it fairly soft and no jobs were eliminated; there was a requirement in place that an empty position had to be filled, not let go by attrition. However:

(c) When Harp sold out, all those people found out rather quickly (figuratively, when they came in to work, they found a padlock on the doors). Pretty sure that's all the notice they had. They were allowed in to get their personal stuff, but basically they were out on the street. I think the CV had to take some on a union seniority basis, but on that I'm not certain.

Harp probably had to retire to the Keys where the help couldn't find him.

Anonymous said...

All you people are so critical. Harp did what a good businessman is supposed to do. Build a company and then sell it to retire comfortably. I don't see any of you in the Keys. Christ, you guys can't even get out of Wilkes-Barre. What does that say about your abilities? You bleeding heart journalists have no idea what the newspaper business is all about. I would assume that most of the posters here are writers and not from the business side or they'd understand. Why do you think McHugh, Golas and Iseman are so happy about the sale. If they get let go they get a hefty payment.

Tom Carten said...

Harp did what a good businessman is supposed to do. Build a company and then sell it to retire comfortably.

But you don't need to screw your workers at the end. There's a big difference between a "good businessman" and a "good employer."