Sunday, July 02, 2006

Local leaders grit their teeth, tell TL how happy they are to be in a two-paper town

Of course big shots are going to tell the TL they are pleased with the continued existence of the TL. Of course, if they said anything else, their asses would be beat in print for weeks.


Anonymous said...

Given time(and a lot of it has passed), plus changes in ownership, plus the image of the Lynetts as dynasty builders who lust for control of everything, the CV could have a very serious fight on its hands. I could see anti-CV sentiment and the softening of anti-TL sentiment making for a good fight. Could be nuts here, but my guess is that the Lynetts believed all along they'd be able to scoop up the TL for dimes on the dollar and proceed from there to force their paper, their views, and their prices on the Wyoming Valley, just as they'd done in Lackawanna County.

Tom Carten said...

I think you may be making more of this than it actually can hold. Ask on the street about the Lynetts being dynasty-builders and I think most people would say, "who are the Lynetts?" The CV has always had a very serious fight on its hands; the passage of time has changed from strict union loyalty to more (but not totally) "which paper gives me what I want."

My money says, and I think I've said it elsewhere on this blog, that the investors are Connor, Duncan and McHugh. After a couple of years, they will sell to Shamrock for a hefty buyout, take their individual fortunes and run. They're not here to keep this a two-paper town; it's a financial deal from Day One, which was just last week or so.

IMHO, of course.

Anonymous said...

Strict union loyalty has ebbed slowly away in this part of the world to the point where it's questionable that it even exists at all. I was once 100% pro-union, but even my zeal has faded. The decert at WBRE/WYOU was the last straw for me, and not so much because anti-union sentiment boiled over there. No, it was more about what the other unions in the area DID NOT DO to help that has made me re-think my position. None of the organized labor people in Scr/W-B lifted a finger to help. Not even CWA, which is NABET's partner. My point, and sorry for the short rant, is that readers' views on collective bargaining will have very little, if anything at all, to do with the pending paper war.

As to investors taking their fortunes and running, consider this; if there are fortunes to be made, the TL will have to prosper, and if it prospers, it becomes even more valuable. If that's how it plays out, it'll be worth more, therefore it will be more attractive to other potential buyers.

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think Connor would team up with McHugh? this is the same guy who took Connor's bust off the wall when he arrived. McHugh's days are numbered. As for Duncan he may be an investor, but he is loving life in Indianapolis. Connor has more friends in the WB market with money than McHugh has throughout the world. Connor will be showing McHugh the door very shortly.

Tom Carten said...

I just think it's odd that three people associated with the TL would be showing an interest in it. I've been wondering about this since D and C took a walk thru the place and McH talked about somehow keeping the place open. You can hate each other later, if there's money to be made now.

I've been wrong before, but this is the only common thread that (for me) ties things up. I'd love to hear opposing opinions with suspected owners'/partners' names tossed into the mix.

Anonymous said...

Here's why the three people have shown interest. Connor sees the TL as an opportunity to make some cash. Of course he has always had a soft spot for the TL and WB and has many friends here so it makes sense. Duncan has been out of the newspaper business for a while due to health concerns. This is a way to be back in without the stress. McHugh was just trying to keep a job because no one else will give him one. My guess is his bid was the one McClatchy said they wouldn't even consider. He just did it to play a game with TS. He has never liked WB and always counted the days until he could get out. He is probably counting on one hand now.