Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rich Connor part of group to buy Blethen Maine Newspapers?!?

A blog in Washington state is reporting that a blog in Maine is reporting that the Portland Press Herald is reporting that Times Leader Editor/Publisher Richard Connor is part of a group trying to buy the Maine newspapers owned by the Blethen family. Connor, the Portland paper reports, was born in Maine.


Tom Carten said...

Connor, the Maine paper says, was born in Maine.

Connor, he says in his Texas newspaper column, lives in Texas.

Connor, in his Pennsylvania paper, is E&P where he lives in Pennsylvania.

I wonder if he'll buy a newspaper in Ohio because he once took a pee on an Interstate rest stop there??

Anonymous said...

Step 1. Form investment group to buy newspaper(s) in said part of United States.

Step 2. Convince investment group that said newspaper(s) is/are a sound investment.

Step 3. Buy said newspaper(s), move in down the street, declare yourself editor, publisher, janitor, delivery man, etc. Whatever you see fit.

Step 4. Fire all management that disagree with you. If they aren't yes-men, then they aren't going to fit in.

Step 5. Start sprucing up the place. Even though you only spend one day a week in a given localle, you're still going to need a plush office there. Nothing says "I don't give a rat's ass about my employees" like giving youy own office a $100,000 flip while the newsroom works in squalor.

Step 6. While you spend, spend spend on frivolous things elsewhere. Start cutting staff to make up for it. No one minds working 60 hour work weeks as long as they have seven flat-screen plasma TV's strewn about the newsroom.

Step 7. It's time to make a personal appearance. Your employees haven't seen you in months and are beginning to doubt your existence. Stand in front of the newsroom and convince them that the newspaper is doing well, advertising revenue is up, you live here, your daughter is going to school here and no one is going to lose their job as long as they continue to work hard.

Next week, repeat at Step 1, make staff cuts at all currently owned newspapers and start searching for that new "hometown angle."

Anonymous said...

Where is the historical marker? Is he that much of a self aggrandizer-in-chief?
Like he did something for Wilkes-Barre.