Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frank Andrews Shimkus still scrapping towards election day

Good old Frank Andrews Shimkus, who has been a hell of a time with concussions and car crashes and judges calling him out for lying, debated the challenger for his state representative's seat the other night. Read Shari Sanger's report in The Times-Tribune.


Anonymous said...

Frankie baby lost.. And he blames the loss on the fact that election night was a Democratic "sweep" and he was on the GOP ticket.

LISTEN UP KIDDIES!!! This is a prime example of how Good 'Ole Frank "twists the truth"..and leaves out important facts to get you to believe his lies.


Frank, you LOST because you LIED on your nominating petitions about your address...and the JUDGE saw through your lies..and KICKED you off the ballot. So you CHOSE to go on the GOP ticket...and VOTERS CHOSE NOT TO VOTE for you!!!


What Frankie did not tell his so-called "supporters" Election Night was that he is in deep doo-doo for either (and I have to use this word) ALLEGEDLY lying under oath about being in the hospital/or/Harrisburg in December due to car accident OR he ALLEGEDLY took per-diems illegally because he may not have been in Harrisburg on the days in question..

Insert color of sky in "Frank's World" here: ____________

Anonymous said...

Frank is a loser and was a loser from Day 1 of his so-called broadcasting career. Yes. He lies, cheats and is a philanderer - he cannot be trusted one bit. The fact he was elected in the first place says wonders about his ability to "snow" people with his lies.