Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Fearless: The Richard A. Sprague Story" coming to bookstores soon!

(Note: This will be the most carefully-written blog post in American history.) While it isn't labeled as such, what appears to be the official/authorized biography of Richard A. Sprague is on its way to bookstores, courtesy of our friends at the American Bar Association.

"Richard A. Sprague's philosophy holds that the law is sacred in this land, and as a lawyer he has always had the solemn obligation to fight as hard as he could to make the law serve his client, whether the client be the people of the United States, the people of Pennsylvania, or an individual caught up in the system," the blurb on the ABA site says. "Read this compelling story of a man who wasn't afraid to risk everything to fight for his fellow man and made a difference in the legal profession."

In short: The perfect Secret Santa gift for John Murphy!


Anonymous said...

Never heard of the guy.

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The first response is typical for a 20-or-30-something numbskull either in or out of the news business.