Monday, June 11, 2007

The TL's Connor: Harvard is for pussies

Times Leader editor/publisher Richard Connor rips "a group now becoming popularly known as “The Bancroft Family,"" and says "they are collectively ringing their hands." Also: You're a bad son if you go to Harvard while your family is running a newspaper. Finally: Stories in the TL aren't for sale. Got it.


Anonymous said...

you say wringing, I say ringing -- why won't this man allow someone to edit his column?

Anonymous said...

This column is hilarious - and too freakin' long. It's basically Connor screaming to his readers "I'm not the unethical weasel everybody knows I am. Please trust me and my cabal of secret investors."

Anonymous said...

"I WOULD NOT expect our readers to take the same interest as I have in all the shenanigans going on these days at The Wall Street Journal but there are some underlying themes that shed light on philosophies of management at newspapers of all shapes and sizes."

Man, this guy is goddamned wordy