Friday, June 08, 2007

Pa. Supreme Court to hear Scranton Times-Tribune shield law case

What's at stake isn't whether the Scranton paper libeled two former county commissioners. That comes later. What the state supreme court will decide is whether the newspaper can be compelled to reveal its source for the stories. Inexplicably, both Erin Nissley (Times-Tribune) and Terrie Morgan-Besecker (Times Leader) both omitted from their stories that the source -- state BNI agent James Kolojejchick -- has already been outed, fired, and jailed.

  • Erin Nissley's Times-Tribune story

  • Terrie Morgan-Besecker's Times Leader story

    Anonymous said...

    I crack up whenever I see this Murphy "dumb as a f***" mug shot. His expression truly captures his inner cluelessness.

    Dickson City Optimists Club said...

    Murph's an amazing mix of the sly fox and the dumb-as-a-fuckin'-ox. And yet he survives. Career successes, victories, honors? Can't think of any. Here's a guy who, in his late 50s, basically admitted to the AJR that he didn't know anything about covering news until The Great Larry arrived. Then he mired the paper in this ruinous lawsuit via some very questionable behavior. And yet he thrives and all the smart guys get run off and perp walked. I'd love to see the naked Lynett pictures he's got. On second thought, cancel that order:)

    Anonymous said...

    So Murph, have you managed to find a "second source" besides Kolo to save your sorry ass? Maybe when you're done, you can help OJ find the real killer.