Monday, June 18, 2007

Some blogger takes issue with John Cole altering a cartoon

Some guy didn't like Times-Tribune cartoonist John Cole's piece about anti-immigration picketers and also didn't like that Cole altered the cartoon before it was reprinted in the Louisville Courier-Journal.


tom carten said...

It's not Sacred Scripture, for Pete's sake! It's a cartoon, localized for one place and generalized for another.

TIME magazine runs all kinds of regionalized editions and nobody wets their pants over it.

Photo18 said...

Its good to see Tom Carten divert from his usual Waltonesque style and kick up some hoohaa...Ilove this site.

Tom Carten said...

"Goodnight Tom."
"Goodnight photo18."
"Goodnight NEPA board."
"Goodnight John Cole."
"Goodnight Vince McMahon, wherever you are."
"Goodnight Johnboy."

Wait a minute, Photo ... do you mean the Waltons of TV Walton's Mountain, or Sam Walton??

"Y'all gals clock out and then report back inta work, heah?"

"You guys, you're locked in till the cock crows cuz we cain't afford to let people git in and steal our stuff."

"Health beneefits? You some kinda Commie or somethin'?"

"You there, stand in front of that tellyvision camera thyng and tell them how much you like workin' here. And smile when you say it; I don't care how many hours you worked overnight. No, you aren't gittin' paid for this, not if you want ter keep workin' here."