Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pocono Record breaks story of strippers at golf course -- with video!

Well! The Pocono Record writes about strippers at a golf outing in Stroudsburg and includes a video... of the strippers. Well played, Pocono Record. Well played.

UPDATE: Jim Romenesko's Obscurestore has picked up the story.


Anonymous said...

mind if we play through?

Anonymous said...

Not at all. Just try to keep your balls out of those bushes!

Anonymous said...

Eeeewwww!!!! Only in NEPA would those flabby skanks pass as "strippers."

Anonymous said...

Filthy skanks. What a disappointment. I would have paid money for the PR to keep them off of the Web site.

Funny video though. Though guys are totally divorced now.

Anonymous said...

It's in da hole!

Anonymous said...

I see you're eight iron is bigger than my eight iron.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they aren't lap dancing at all. Maybe they're just really enthusiastic ball washers.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hit a hole in one. Get it, hole in one. lol

Anonymous said...

"Oh Mrs. Crane, you're a little monkey woman. Yeah, you're lean, mean, and I bet you're not too far in between are ya? How'd you like to wrap your spikes around my..."
--Carl Spackler

John Mitchell said...

UPDATE: Associated Press to Record: Drop Dead

Lap dance video touchy material for news services

By Kathleen Parrish Of The Morning Call

Saying it was too ''salacious,'' The Associated Press decided not to transmit an amateur video that appeared on the Pocono Record newspaper's Web site and showed strippers performing lap dances at a Stroud Township golf course.

''We do exercise judgment on that kind of material,'' said Kevin Roach, executive producer for online video at AP.

In addition, Roach said he didn't believe the roughly one-minute clip enhanced the print story of scantily clad women doing lap dances that were visible from a public road during a private outing at Cherry Valley Golf Course on Monday.

''I took a look at it, and I thought in the scheme of things, it's not a new story, strippers on a golf course,'' he said. ''I didn't see it as offering a lot toward the story other than blurry images of a girl in a bikini and a guy sitting in a chair with golfers playing through. Our concerns were primarily for our customers. I have to be the gatekeeper for them.''

Bill Watson, executive director of the Pocono Record of Stroudsburg, said the video is news and there was no visible nudity in the clip. In addition, the Web site warned viewers of the video's lewd content before they hit play.

''It was a chance to show people instead of tell people,'' he said. ''We found some version that wasn't as bad as other parts.''

Asked if he considered the video pornographic, Watson said, ''It's news. It might be porn, but it's news. … If it was porn, it was pretty soft. It was a lap dance. I've seen a lot worse on TV.''

Watson said the newspaper had not received any complaints from viewers, and as of 6 p.m., the Web story had received 140,000 hits, the most ever.

''I think the Web is not the print newspaper,'' he said. ''We wouldn't put takeouts from the video in the print paper. It's a different animal. On the Web, you have the choice of looking at a story.''

Roach of AP agreed the rules are different for the Internet, ''but as far as the AP is concerned, we're still using discretion.''

The Morning Call also ran a portion of the video obtained from the man who shot it, but edited out the lap dance.

Editor Ardith Hilliard said the activity at the golf course was newsworthy, and the video was ''a component of that newsworthiness.''

''However, The Morning Call and its Web site, mcall.com, is and always has been sensitive to community standards in the content we provide to readers and Web site users,'' she said.

''So we used judgment on how much of the video to show. The result was a brief and carefully edited portion of the video that gave viewers a sense of what the controversy was about without overstepping the boundaries of good taste.''

Anonymous said...

whatever - more Caddyshack references please - here's one - how 'bout a Fresca?

Anonymous said...

Video gives a new meaning to "double boogey?