Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Butteryfly Guy

The TL also had a letter to the editor this week that misspelled Connor's last name. Slick.


Anonymous said...

You have convinced everybody that all you care about is bashing the TL. Hey, I laugh at some things, too, and love it when we beat them. But you don't ever mention what they do right which is lot of stuff. They beat us on the Jill Moran John Doe case and we beat them on some stuff. This is not an intelligent forum. It's Let's Pick on Every Little Thing the TL does. Silly, very childish. Get over the fact that they canned you if what I hear around town is right. I thought about working for them but I was worried about stability. If everything was equal, I'd go over there.
Today they have a great story on nursing homes. No comment from you.
Pitiful for you. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

The nursing home story was OK. It leads with rehashing some clips. Then said most homes are doing OK. Decent, but unremarkable.

Anonymous said...

MAYBE you're not a journalist after all. The rehash was a lead into why the story was done. The worries it raised. Sorry everything has to be explained to you. Sorry for you.