Friday, February 16, 2007

Wernowsky of the TL: My editor made me walk to work, people don't fight to write weather stories, etc.

Wernowsky blogs about the newspaper's weather coverage, the mayor being a big meanie to a TV girl, and other things at the Times Leader.


Anonymous said...

It WAS a STOOPID question! To expect the city to have the assets available to handle the occasional 18 inch snowfall shows an incredible lack of thought and financial understanding. The mayor was justified. Imagine the crap that would be raised when the "snow-removal assets" are visible in June. Maybe this exchange will sharpen everyone's skills. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

wernowsky is way too young to be so boring. c'mon kid, kick it into high gear. really upset somebody. show us if you really want to be breslin as you wrote on that blog you pulled back in the old days after telling in-house secrets that embarrassed management.

Anonymous said...

5:32 -- you ever been to journalism school? journalism class? There are no stupid questions, period. A person's personality is very tellingly revealed by the way they respond to any inquiry -- even if the think it is stupid. You want to be a public figure, then serve the public. Would he have responded to a male constituent that way? poor behavior from an otherwise excellent mayor.

Anonymous said...

9:04 PM

Tom Leighton would have responded that way to any member of the media. He sees reporters as pains in the ass. His problem is he fails to notice the transparency: the readers and viewers on the other side of the window.

He's told me off a couple times and I laugh about it, knowing this man is small town: quite obvious in his handling of what should have been a delicate response to a rather bold question.

As poor and inadequate Leighton's response was, I find the burden of action on WBRE's reporter. Shame on her for dropping the ball on a good hook... She could have turned his disrespectful and immature answer into a "go shove it Wilkes-Barre" attitude. Too bad her journalese isn't seasoned just yet.

I know I would have had a field day.

Anonymous said...

You're right, a more experienced reporter would have and justifiably should have used it. Speculation? She probably -- unfairly -- felt embarrassed and thought it might make her look bad. Unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

NO stupid questions?! Of course there are! The trouble is the so-called journalism schools don't identify them. As a result the "journalism" profession has about as much stature as the "teaching" profession. If the profession had enough guts to stand up and say "yeah, that was a pretty dumb one" "can I rephrase it?"- everyone would benefit. But to ignore it AND then defend it is pompous. Nobody likes the wagons circled. Would he have responded to a male reporter that way? I would only hope.