Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Chris Kelly: Everyone reads weather stories

"Some people will read the stories on the commissioners, taxes and Iraq. Everyone will read the stories on the snow," Chris Kelly writes in today's paper. "Newspaper columns, like snowstorms, are measured in inches. In terms of substance, there’s not much to this one. In fact, I wrote it for no other reason than that it was snowing." Oy.


Anonymous said...

Chris, here are a few places people actually go to get immediate, localized weather info:
The Weather Channel
local news stations and their websites

The newspaper is the last place people look. By the time a weather story makes it to print, it's old news.

Anonymous said...

Old "news", even though the column came out this morning during the first daylight of the storm that, as I type, continues.

Here's that reminder again for you dimwits. He writes a column. News is about the facts and figures of something that happened. A column is the personal observations and opinions of it's author on any topic he or she chooses, new or old.

You really make yourself sound like an envious asshole harping on this same non-point over and over. I'm hoping you're just a reader and don't work for a paper but, well, I just can't be sure.

a different poster said...

"A column is the personal observations and opinions of it's (sic) author on any topic he or she chooses, new or old."

I'm not the original poster...but a column new material or it can be old. It can be newsy...or it can be fluff. It can be on a topic of general interest or a 30-inch exercise in extended navel-gazing. Some columnist wear out shoe leather, work their sources, get around town, break stories and tweak the powers that be...and some stare out the window and quote their co-workers.

But that doesn't mean that all columns are created equal or that we can't bitch again when Kelly mails in again.

I don't work for a newspaper but if I worked for Times Shamrock, I'd want my 'star' getting out of the building.

So I'll stop making non-points when he stops writing non-columns.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between bitching about "mailing in" a column and bitching about writing a column that contains "old news". The original poster has his head up his ass. If you think a column is poorly written, bitch away. If you're bitching because a column doesn't have enough news in it you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

who cares. kelly's a moron and so are his readers.

Anonymous said...

There has to be better out there somewhere.