Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ken Vogel gets made fun of (kind of) by Wonkette

For former TL Harrisburg reporter Kenneth P. Vogel, this is kind of like kissing your sister. Wonkette makes fun of Vogel's employer, The Politico, for filling its Web page with photo galleries of staffers at events. The screen grab (above) shows Vogel. But Wonkette only bothers to identify Vogel and his pals as "three Politico staffers." So Vogel gets blog fame, but not with his name attached. Click through to the Politico gallery to see other pictures of Vogel, as well as lots of Hill tail.


Anonymous said...

OK, SO ... Mr NEPA Media ...
Why do you care that Wonkette cares about ANYTHING that we or our spawn do???

You need a life. Better yet, you need a woman: Blonde, Jewish, Nerdish with medium sized boobs that you can settle down with and create little Woodsteins.

That would do it for you.

And you would stop worrying about ex-employees from a paper you no longer work for and what they are doing now.

Sounds like a plan.

Anonymous said...

Right, this sounds like one of those people who think the world ends at the borders of Lackawanna and Luzerne counties.

I bet you feel that "carpetbaggers" and "outsiders" have nothing to offer this close-minded shell of a community.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know there is hope on the horizons for those of us who pain through working in this market.

Anonymous said...

Vogel never worked in the WB. He was the H-burg guy.

Anonymous said...

And as some one who read his copy, it was average.