Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Coffee with Alan K. Stout and Steve Corbett

The Weekender editor has a lengthy interview with former colleague Steve Corbett. The story at least addresss, but glosses over, Corbett's messy and sudden departure from the TL in 2002.

  • Read Corbett's blog on the WILK site, which has lots of ball-busting and a few typos

    Phil Laner said...

    Corbett, hard-nosed, shoe-leather truth-teller of the NEPA, still relies on his favorite writing device.

    He likes single-sentence paragraphs.

    His blog is a dojo of the truth and his words cut like a finely honed katana.

    Corbett has an agenda, all right.

    It's called the truth.

    He is one tough blogger.

    But scraggly.

    Anonymous said...

    I I I I I I I I ... the one constant with Corbett.

    Anonymous said...

    fuck you steve. i hated you before and i still hate you now. at least not many are going to hear your daily diatribes. no one listens to wilk anyway.

    Anonymous said...

    A blog is a personal reflection of the world through the "eyes" of the writer. So is a news column. The best of both charge head on into the mess and tell us what they see.

    John Mitchell said...

    OK, he's got a few typos. I'm pretty sure there's no copy desk at WILK.:)

    If you're going to point them out, NEPAman, you probably should fix things like this:

    "The story at least addresss...."

    Anonymous said...

    A pure blog is pure. No nosy editor interfering with the spirit. This is pure. The typos are few and pale in comparison to the content. Welcome to the brave new world of 21st century journalism,. Corbett has signed on for the duration and will go the distance. Will you?

    Phil Laner said...

    Will we go the distance in what? Hackneyed self-aggrandizement and lame tough-guy posturing?

    Anonymous said...

    I like him you don't and we're both reading and listening. He is what he is. Case closed.

    Anonymous said...

    Corbett panders (and seemingly posts under pseudonyms and/or anonymously from the way some of the comments above read..."finely honed katana?" Cute Steve!) to those who don't put a lot of thought into things. He sees a sucker in those who think they're seeing a fearless tough guy. I read the blog. He's about to take on a highly controversial "honorary sheriff" PR thing they do in Lackawanna County on the heels of Paul Sorvino pulling a badge and a gun on a guy who was trying to bust into his daughters hotel room.

    "When did the program start? How many are there in the program? Who pays for their badges?"

    Here's another question you might ask Steve. Who gives a shit? A hundred years ago you would have seen Steve on the back of a traveling medicine show wagon.

    It all falls under the heading "delusions." Deluded readers who fall for it and delusions of grandeur from the source.

    Phil Laner said...

    No, the "finely honed katana" wasn't Corbett. That was sarcasm.

    Anonymous said...

    Oops, sorry Phil. I'm in the market for better sarcasm detection software. Good one.

    Anonymous said...

    "Here's another question you might ask Steve. Who gives a shit?"

    Well, asshole, you took the time to find the story deep within a radio station's website, read it, analize it, and post a comment about it. That's pretty much what columnists and newspapers hope happens when they publish something.

    Most people don't give a shit about anything but their own busy lives. Some 600 of the best scientists from around the entire world announced last week that the earth is majorly fucked up and there is no turning back. The world, they basically confirmed, is ending! It was the top story on the news for a day or two until Anna Nicole died.

    Think about, genius: People move on with their day rather quickly, yet you took some time to find Corbett's column on-line and read all of it.

    He wins.

    You lose.

    Anonymous said...

    Well Steve, I mean 11:22.

    I did take the time to read the blog on WILK's website, it's true. Those newspapers and columnists won and I lost. I just can't wait to find out who pays for the pretend sheriff's badges in Lackawanna County and I'll be back to read everything he writes from now on, every time I want my simpleton button pushed.

    Thanks for straightening me out.

    And no need to spell out the Global Warming dissertation in the middle of your spastic reply. I'm sure it figures into the badge blog somehow. Maybe I'll analize it.

    Anonymous said...

    corbett is writing solid news columns on his corbett's corner blog that are better than any column in any of the region's daily papers. if you disagree, and without the predictable personal attacks against the guy, show me something better.

    Anonymous said...

    If it was anything more than standard Corbett tough-guy posturing, taking up causes that are only important and of interest because he says they are, they wouldn't be on a radio station website they'd be IN a paper. But TL, CV, TS, whatever paper you can name all went running to the basement to look for their ten foot poles when they heard Corbett was back in town. He's right where he belongs. And believe me when I tell you, even WILK management will get their fill soon enough.

    Anonymous said...

    If that's true, then why did Corbett's return receive such nice coverage in the Times Leader, the Weekender and the Voice?

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah, did they offer him a paycheck?