Thursday, April 20, 2006

The TL's Rory Sweeney: A bad man

So says the granddaughter of the angry grandma in the classic Larksville Basketball Hoop Spat. Her grandma is just THE BEST, and would never hurt anyone, and rules are rules, and she is the best grandma EVER, and Rory Sweeney contributes to "media-fueled fanaticism." P.S.: When I read the line calling Sayso "a forum where people could voice their heart-felt thoughts and concerns," I thought it was another letter from Iseman's mom.

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Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so!
SAYSO an "embarrassment" to the W-B area? Uh oh!
Much, much more than a simple embarrasment. More like stupid, inane, clumsy, waste-of-space, page killer and just plain awful.