Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holy shit! Walzer sues TL, claims religious/gender discrimination

This is good stuff, people. Former Times Leader editor Allison Walzer sued the newspaper and KR Friday in federal court, claiming she got the boot because she's a Jewish woman (from Scarsdale, no less) and not a back-slapping Irish Catholic guy like publisher Pat McHugh.

Where do you start with this?

1. Walzer made $234,622 in 2003! Two hundred and thirty-four thousand fucking dollars! That buys 25 obit clerks!

2. Walzer more than once played "the Jew card" and got raises and/or stock out of the newspaper.

3. Walzer got fired for making Clark Van Orden take photos of her kids. Clark is her best friend, you see, and agreed to do it for free. Right.

The Citizens' Voice and Scranton Times got caught flat-footed (Good Friday) and missed the story.


Anonymous said...

Your links are screwed up, Mr. Nepa Media. The Walzer link takes you to the reporters on the stand story.

Good for Allison. I glad she's keeping busy.

NEPAmedia said...

Sorry. I outsourced my Web work to the Wilkes-Barre Area Vo-Tech A/V club. It's been fixed.

Anonymous said...

Pray to God that this goes to trial. Can you imagine the dirty looks in that courtroom? The witness list will be endless. The TL will call everyone from here to Santa Maria, Calif. to prove that she was an awful editor and deserved the boot. Allison, shameless to the end, will call everyone who she pulled a dirty insider trick with (conspired to force people out, etc.) and make them spill their guts on the stand.

But it will never go to trial. Alas. That would be good shit, gentlemen. Good shit.

Anonymous said...

Well, you finally picked up on the BIG story, NEPA media wiz.
Yes, pray that this thing is heard by a jury. The Steve Flood escapades will look like chicken shit compared to the AZ vs. everybody suit.

Anonymous said...

And the TL didn't even try to cover it all up, like the SSpeaker did with its co-publisher's recent encounter with the cops.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. $250K a year. What in the hell does anyone do to deserve that kind of cash?
Maybe she tossed some of to Frank Andrews, the sorry-ass wannabe candidate for public office. The FA politico ad that I just saw while watching Charles Osgood's program (now there's a honest-to-gawd E journalist if there ever was one) is a real sleeper. The owner of the "Gettysburg" movie music ought to sue FA.

NEPAmedia said...

Where did Frank Andrews earn his advanced college degrees? Has any reporter checked to see if a) he in fact earned master's and doctoral degrees and b) if said institutions are diploma mills?

Just asking.

Charlie Rose said...

Seriously. If anyone out there knows a national television crew -- PBS or someplace similar -- call them up and ask them to film the "Last Days of the Times Leader" documentary. Do you know how good that would be? With the sale and the lawsuit and the wanna-be pedophile sports reporter? Can you imagine that stuff?

I'm giggling just thinking about it. Seriously.

Dave Ralis said...

You should take a look at my Daily Rant.

Anonymous said...

Dave Ralis....once a dork, always a dork!!!