Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hazleton Standard Speaker publisher arrested: No story in CV, Hazleton SS

Only the Times Leader finds newsworthy the arrest of P. Nicholas Walser (or Paul "Nick" Walser, if you like), the publisher of the Hazleton Standard Speaker. The SS is a truly awful newspaper, a bottom feeder in a bottom-feeding market, so no surprise that they didn't write about their own publisher. However, the Citizens' Voice, burnishing their reputation for pulling punches, also sat on the story. Bob Burke would be proud.

Be sure to read the TL's story, which features Kris Wernowsky grilling Hazleton editor Carl Christopher about whether the SS would write a story. You can almost hear Christopher crapping his pants at the other end of the phone. Kudos to the TL and Wernowsky all around.

And be sure to read the tale of Mr. Walser driving his Yukon on all flat tires through the Heights Elementary School grounds in Walser's affidavit:


Anonymous said...

Golas is showing his true colors as a snotty holier-than-thou guy in the way he's handled this "story." The T-L has now given more space to a DUI citation than they give to many violent crime stories. The motivation is so transparent as to be laughable. They're milking this story for all it's worth as part of their campaign to save the Leader, which they're trying to convince everyone is the only paper in northeastern Pa. that will really tell readers what's going on. No matter that they have to smear a colleague in the process. "See how great we are," goes their reasoning. "We don't pull any punches like the Times-Shamrock and Speaker do. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

DUI citation?

Anonymous said...

Hazleton Sub Standard Speaker