Friday, April 21, 2006

Froggy 101/98 KRZ payola investigation spreads

The New York AG was already investigating the two Entercom-owned stations in NEPA. Now the feds are getting involved too.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody think the lead on this story is misleading?

Are the two local stations "implicated" or is the parent company implicated?

WB/Scranton is one of the smallest markets in the Entercom empire. Are the feds and the NY AG investigating KRZ and Froggy or the corporate programmers?

Coverage in other newspapers would indicate it's the latter.

Does the Times-Tribune have an obligation to its readers to note that its parent company owns radio stations that compete directly with KRZ and Froggy?

And why does Entercom get the lead, while Citadel is buried?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps for the same reason ABC News never reports anything critical of the Disney empire.
2+2 really does equal 4.