Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TL: Former Scranton Tribune reporter Robert Curran sucks

In a history piece about a West Pittston family terrorized by demons in the 80s, Times Leader reporter Sheena Delazio quotes a TL review of Tribune/Scrantonian reporter Robert Curran's book about the topic:

“Scranton newspaper writer Robert Curran forsakes the principles of his trade to give readers a one-sided account of what did or didn’t occur over several years in Jack and Janet Smurl’s former home on Chase Street in West Pittston,” said Times Leader staff writer Joseph Marusak in a December article.

Mary Beth Gehrman, a national author who reviewed the book, said the book wouldn’t even make a good fiction read since it was so poorly written.

“Whether or not the Smurls are truly convinced that they were being haunted…is a matter for speculation,” Gehrman said. “But it is hard to conceive of a supposedly sophisticated objective and (as far as I know, at least until now) credible reporter like Curran taking their story seriously given the complete lack of any empirical or physical evidence to support it.”


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Bill Mecca said...

Anyone else remember the "Smurlmobile."

If you are into ghosts, and check one of my websites, you will see that SciFi's Ghost Hunters visits the historic Mount Holly NJ prison in the season premiere March 5.


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This doesn't even merit a post.

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10:41 that's like saying, this man needs no introduction...

I guess you were wrong. lol

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Yes Bill!
There was a bus trip replete with beer & snacks that left from Andy Gavin's bar. Do you remember the name of the wacked out, crazy, street guy that played BAD accoustic guitar and howled on the bus, as added entertainment?