Thursday, March 06, 2008

Money from former Scranton Tribune sports editor's foundation goes to new NEPA medical school

Samuel “Chic” Feldman died ringside at the Garden in 1972, slumped over his typewriter. But the remaining funds from the Scranton Tribune sports editor's memorial foundation were just paid out recently, when Feldman's friends gave the last $30,000 to the new NEPA medical school. A nice story from The Times-Tribune's Daniel Axelrod.


Anonymous said...

Real old-timers would tell you that Chic Feldman drove the Scranton Red Sox out of town in the 1950s after a dispute over spring training. I must have heard that story 100 times growing up.
Also, Guy Valvano, who is mentioned in this article, may be the classiest person ever to work in sports in NEPA.

Anonymous said...

The Sox wouldn't pay for Chic to bring his Mom to spring training