Monday, March 10, 2008

The NYT lands in Scranton for the first of many Hillary stories

Today's New York Times has a story from Scranton about Hillary Rodham Clinton and her roots in the Electric City. Steve Corbett is a special guest star, talking about NEPA tribalism. We'll say it now: The national press is going to be dying for the next seven weeks for insightful commentary about NEPA politics. If The Times-Tribune does not affirmatively work to make Borys Krawczeniuk and Robert Swift available to the national press, it will be an enormous opportunity lost.

Be sure to watch the NYT video, as interesting and insightful as the print story


Anonymous said...

Corbett is a fu cktard.

Anonymous said...

But he sure gets the job done. How bout you asshat?

Anonymous said...

I didnot know Jamie Brazil owns Montage(Sno Mountain)....
Yeah, right!!!

Next shoe to DROP!

Anonymous said...

Both the TT story AND the NYT stories (the video portion) are both good, if not great, examples of why newspapers CAN'T be television stations.

Awful video and terrible sound.

Keep trying to sell papers guys. This multimedia stuff ain't for you.

Anonymous said...

And leave real, explanatory journalism to print outlets, 4:37. Isn't there a burning trailer surrounded by police tape you need to be standing in front of right now? That's the alpha and omega of what constitutes "NEWS" on local TeeVee around here, as far as I've been able to determine.

It's refreshing to simply see and listen to what's going on without some blow-dried and moussed "reporter" babbling on and drowning out the proceedings.

The Web technical stuff will certainly improve over time. It always will.

Bill Mecca said...

That video wasn't half bad. One thing papers don't have is time constraints, they can spend more time with a subject whether in print or video. the shooting was pretty good, good use of nat sot, the VO could use some work, but I wasn't expecting much in that department.

4:37 just what was "awful" about the video? the framing was good, they obviously white balanced, and for cryin out loud they used a freakin tripod which is a check in the plus column for me.

It wasn't slick, fast, blood and guts do live shots til your eyes bleed, action news, but it was competent video.

I have seen far worst on broadcast tv. in Scrantoon and bigger markets.

Anonymous said...

We're trying to leave coal behind, it'll take another hundred years to do but everyone pretty much agrees it's key and yet Mr. Restoring the Pride tells the New York Times that Hillary is tough and that's "an anthracite trait"?

Did anyone watch him at the rally? I thought he was going to ejaculate.

And what's the deal with the principal of the goddamned high school all rah-rah for Hillary? I can see making an argument for giving her the use of the school as long as they'll do the same for Obama but school employees paid with tax dollars should just shut the f _ _ k up about who they like for office while they're on the clock.

Anonymous said...

Borys was on XM Satellite radio yesterday talking about the PA Pres primary.