Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Frank Andrews Shimkus fights on, despite the court finding that he is a liar

We're not sure what's uglier: Frank Andrews vowing a write-in campaign despite convincing evidence that he lied to a Commonwealth Court judge repeatedly, or The Times-Tribune handling the man with kid gloves. Reporter Robert Swift doesn't question Shimkus about the facts of the case or about how the court could have concluded that Shimkus "made a purposeful representation in bad faith," fancy words for "deliberately lying."

If you haven't read the court's opinion, take some time and do so. It's strong -- and damning -- stuff.


Anonymous said...

Shimkus, like any other questionable politician, is doing his hardest to keep his cushy job. That's not a surprise. What will be a surprise is whether voters will reject Shimkus at the polls this spring. Even if that happens, you can bet your sweet bippy he'll do a write-in campaign for the general election.

Anonymous said...

Frank Andrews a liar? Well, here's another one you can thrown on the fire: embellishing his resume.


"While working at WNEP from 1980 to 1998, he was co-anchor of its top-rated newscast and served as news director. Before his election, he served in the same capacity for WYOU-TV from 2000-2006."

As I recall, Frank was only a producer in 2000, when he was brought back to WYOU for a second time. He wasn't promoted to anchor until 2002, after Rex Hodge left. I think his news director promotion came soon thereafter, when Al Zobel left.

Anonymous said...

Looks like O'Boyle toned things down in his Clinton article this morning. Can't wait for tomorrow's paper and the return of all his hyperbole. He won't be able to contain himself: O'Boy, another Clinton in town! O'Boy, O'Boy, O'Boyle!

Anonymous said...

Frank has made lying a way of life and he's gotten away with it. He should be ashamed. He should step down and hide. He needs his lying a** kicked in.

Anonymous said...

Regarding his resume, I guess he left out the part about how he was "delivering the news..."

I mean delivering the newspaper!

He was actually a Scranton Times newspaper carrier between 1998 and 2000 when no one would hire him. Or maybe it was around the time of his second chance at WYOU.

Anonymous said...

When is having a job and putting food on the table a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

The Shimkus legacy is built on a foundation of lies. The TT has never asked him one hard question.