Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Second-day story on Standard-Speaker sale to Times-Shamrock

Dave Singleton reports from Hazleton on the announcement to staffers there. Sign of the times: Singleton's story also appeared in the Voice and the Standard-Speaker. The story also includes a worthwhile video of one of the Walser boys making the announcement and of Scott Lynett making some remarks in what looks to be the mailroom in Hazleton.

  • The TL doesn't have much in an unbylined staff/wire piece

  • The most interesting thing in this brief history of the Standard-Speaker is that the fourth generation of Walser family ownership only lasted five years. Beware, Lynetts.

  • "Why is this happening?" The young Lynetts and Walsers ask in a joint letter in the Standard-Speaker. "Because it is time." I wonder what old man Walser has to say.

  • Shawn Kelly of the S-S reports that the Lynetts plan to be involved in the Hazleton community

  • Scott Lynett tells an unidentified S-S reporter that there are no plans to fold the paper into a larger NEPA paper or anything like that

    Anonymous said...

    somebody shoot me. there is another mention of the molly maguires musical in today's tl. is there no god?

    Anonymous said...

    Connor's anti-union guilt is finally kicking up. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    Anonymous said...

    The SS workers are going to get fucked. Heard Holeva is going to oversee the transition. Bend over boys, you're going to get the baloney.

    Anonymous said...

    We get like 20 goddamned Molly Maguires stories but we can't even get one stinkin' story about the books at the Hoyt