Monday, March 26, 2007

Marques Harper lands at the Austin American-Statesman

From the inbox....

Hi there,
Hope you're well and having an amazing new year! Here's the announcement
from my newsroom in Roanoke:

Marques Harper will be leaving The Roanoke Times to join the Austin
American-Statesman in Texas as the paper's style reporter/columnist. He'll
cover the local fashion scene, find local twists to national trends,
coordinate and style fashion shoots for the daily paper and the paper's luxe
magazine named Glossy. He'll also write a column every other week. The
opportunity fulfills Marques' ultimate career goal -- to be on the edge of

Marques joined The Roanoke Times as staff writer for the Extra section in
June of 2005 after spending five years at the Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre,
Pa. While in Roanoke, he wrote about pop culture, TV and radio, fashion and
style and the Mill Mountain Zoo. He also was a videocaster for TimesCast and
helped coordinate The Edge and the Minority Journalism Workshop. Last year
he followed his weight loss and preparation for a bodybuilding competition
in a blog on

His first day in Austin will be March 26. His last day here will be Feb. 23.

As an aside -- and funny connection for Marques -- the city's namesake,
Stephen F. Austin, was born in Southwest Virginia.

Details on the position Marques leaves will follow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Marques. Austin's supposed to be super cool. Lord knows he's paid his dues.

Anonymous said...

Here's a fashion tip - PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!

Anonymous said...

Let's cut back on the guys in underwear pictures a little. I don't really have a problem with a picture of a guy in his underwear per se, but click the link in the blog title and it just gets more unsettling. And now it'll take days until this picture works it's way down and off the page.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I keep thinking I got a browser hijacker or something that keeps taking me to some gay porn site.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, man, there's gotta be some pictures of the Wiz out there on the Net somewhere.

Do it for the chicks.