Saturday, March 25, 2006

Unofficials Keystone sweepstakes score: TL 20, Scranton Times 15, CV 10

That's applying this sweepstakes formula:

first place = 3 points
second place = 2 points
honorable mention = 1 point

The TL also won with the most awards by volume (TL 8, T-T 7, CV 5). Of course, bear in mind:
1. The competition is the Erie Times-News and the Reading Eagle.
2. Pennsylvania newspapers are split into eight divisions to make sure every paper wins something and has something to brag about to the readers in Noxen.
3. The competition is judged by Boy Scouts in Youngstown, Ohio.
4. None of the three papers contended for the real sweepstakes awards, won by the York papers (in the TL/T-T division) and the Lancaster New Era (in the CV division).

Follow this link to see the small-daily division awards the CV picked up:

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