Sunday, March 19, 2006

Big Sunday TL takout on potential sale to the newspaper union

A very even-handed take from Renita Fennick, who has worked at both the TL and the CV. Well done. Recommended reading for anyone following the situation in Wilkes-Barre.

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Anonymous said...

Uhm. Fair story? Consider this: Renita Fennick is FRIENDS with the lone CV founder she quotes. Frank Y., the only founder in the story was not in the majority while at the Voice and Fennick knows this. Also, Fennick (one of the first paid workers at the CV) had a fallout at the CV before moving to the TL in the 80s. The Union Newspaper guy (such a moron I won't even take two seconds to pick up the paper to get his name right) quoted in the story was fired from Times-Shamrock and has an ax to grind. (One only needs to look at his union "newspaper's" writing to find out why he was canned.) None of this was disclosed in Renita Fennick's report. Someone should call Mr. Romenesko about this ethical flap at the TL. Not that this at all shocking considering Golas has turned his paper into a snarky propaganda machine since the KR sale was announced. Discuss.