Sunday, March 26, 2006

Guydish: Giant metaphor contest taking place in TL newsroom

A snippet from Guydish's take on life in the TL newsroom:

So last week, Managing Editor Dave Iseman, a combination class clown and school principal in the newsroom, darted around like a live bat with broken sonar, spewing lame similes and metaphors like a cranky diesel motor smoking on a dysfunctional truck.

“Mark sat silently, like a … Mark usually does!” Iseman smirked, providing an example so bad that no simile could accurately convey its failure. Why did he drill our ears with such rusty bits of speech?

“I’m hoping if I keep going around talking like this, more people will try to enter the contest,” Iseman claimed, the way a proud toddler might claim responsibility for a burp or a wet diaper.

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