Sunday, January 08, 2006

Times Leader vs. Scranton Times re: Sherwood coverage

Gene Foreman, a Philly buddy of Matt Golas, the TL's editor, has been "teaching the controversy" (ugh) regarding the Don Sherwood story to his Penns State journalism students. The TL wrote a story about it. The Scranton Times was silent. "However, he said Citizens’ Voice Managing Editor Larry Holeva’s May 8 column that stated that it “Sure can be lonely on the high road,” was not only a disingenuous statement, it also acknowledged the story existed without using the names of the participants. It was also an admission that the Scranton paper and the Citizens’ Voice sat on the story and did nothing about it, he said."

Too bad author Kris Wernowsky didn't ask Foreman how many beers he's had with Wernowsky's boss.

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