Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogger denies TL report of blogging in skivvies

Mark Cour says he's mad as hell. Not really. But he responds to Jon Fox's tale in The Times Leader of Wilkes-Barre's best-known/only blogger. Click above for the full post, but read below for the highlights.

First of all, is it a frickin' slow news day, or what? Page 1: NEPA's most notorious 'pajama blogger'??? Things were so much more exciting when the Cruds were shootin' at the Blips. If nothing else, for one day, I was making the most noise. Somethin' like that. I have reached the apex of this life and it's all A.A.R.P. from here on out.


From the e-mail inbox Did I warn you? I told you the TL interview would be a hatchet job? Tell me you WERE NOT sitting around in your undies at noon? I don't believe it. I thought the lonesome redneck thing was a put on. How's Opal?
Please advise

From the e-mail inbox I thought the Leader wanted to talk to you about your blog, but it was short on blog details and long on unflattering personal observations. Your reaction?

Unflattering? I don't know about all of that. Except for mistaking a pair of shorts with pockets and a drawstring for boxers, I'd say Jon Fox called it the way he saw it. Remember, he came here totally unannounced 'cept for a knock on the door. And I invited him in before knowing who he was. And as soon as what I thought was a casual conversation shifted to being an interview, I did not object and I'll tell you why.

I know I previously alluded to this, but let's rehash it again. I thought it might be cool for the Times Leader's readers to learn that a resident of Wilkes-Barre was not clinging to the negative and all filled with gloom and doom as far as Wilkes-Barre's chances are concerned. I know that could come as a shock to those that do not live here, but I'm thoroughly tired of the activists/candidates constant painting of Wilkes-Barre as a place where there is little, or no hope. The fact is, some of us do "believe," but I think very little of that came across in the article that was published.


Any-fu>king-who, I demand satisfaction. I demand a retraction. If not, there's a local newspaper reporter who might get his skinny white ass whipped by a middle-aged housewife. She's not nearly as forgiving as I am. You have been warned.

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